Why is it that the solution to voter fraud is always to "vote harder" to try to "overcome" or "overwhelm" the fraud? 

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It will never end until we get the corrupt overreach of the Executive Branch out of our elections. And the way to do that is to eliminate ALL services provided by companies such as ES&S (or Dominion or others) and return the oversight of elections to "we the people." 

Our government will NEVER give back to us what they have taken. We will only restore election integrity when we TAKE IT BACK. And that will require face to face accountability from our government. It will also require people to STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THE SPINELESS REPUBLICANS WHO DIDN'T STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING IN THE FIRST PLACE. I don't care if it is a midterm election year. Don't let that R next to their name excuse them from where they have failed. Hold them accountable. Make them earn your vote. 

Ask them the be vocal about election integrity and to not only acknowledge these problems, but to actually do something about them. These are all people who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. Simply pointing out that the Constitution was violated isn't enough. Their job is to defend your rights, not to narrate infringements upon them. "Vote harder" is not an acceptable response to the fraud. 

(And, yes, I know this resolution is from the TX GOP, but constitutional concerns about violations of our Nebraska elections have gone unaddressed by all of our state officials who HAVE had these concerns brought to their attention. They need to be held accountable too.)

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