First of all, thank you to the Sheridan County GOP for allowing me to speak to you tonight. I hope that next time it will be in person and not by phone, as I did have some difficulty hearing the questions that were asked. But I did notice that there seemed to be a concentrated focus on how it is that we should deal with the overreach of the federal government. And there is good reason to have those concerns!

I have been posting on Rumble and on my website ( the things that I propose we should be doing. I offer actions that can be taken right now and that only take a few minutes of your time, but which can allow us to find out exactly where it is we stand in relation to our government.

In this video, I explain that it is not only important for us to draw a line in the sand and demand that our elected officials choose which side they will stand on, but it is also important for us to make clear to our elected officials where it is that they stand in relation to us. They need to be reminded that it is only our consent which grants them the authority that they hold in government.

The letters that I reference in this video that you can send to your senator and to the Attorney General can be found here. I truly hope that you will copy and send them--or your own letter--because I believe that it is important for us to draw the line and find out who in our government sides with the people and who does not. 

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