By Jennifer Hicks

If anyone attends this event, please ask Cindy Burcham Geis why only select candidates were invited. Not only were Michael Connely and I not invited to this event, but it has been said that were we to dare to show up uninvited, the sheriff would be called to escort us out of town. (No joke!)  It seems that some people don't want the voters to hear from us. What are they afraid of?

The establishment political circles do not welcome people like me and Michael Connely. I care so little of their opinion of me that I don't mind being shunned by the establishment types, but I do think it is wrong when people try to manipulate which candidates and which messages the voters should have access to. If they truly think we are the inferior candidates, then they should at least have the courage to allow us to fall flat on our faces before the voters. 

But they do not wish to let the voters have access to our message, because they know that if they did, the voters MIGHT choose differently than what the establishment is trying to push them toward. 

Why not give the voters access to all of the candidates and then let the VOTERS decide?

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