😡 This is so wrong.  More "witch hunt" tactics from government that labels patriots as terrorists. 


If you read this article, you will see that the reason that this candidate was ordered to surrender his guns is because he was accused of taking part in the events at our nation’s capital on January 6th. He is awaiting trial on misdemeanor charges of breaching the Capitol. What people should never forget is that the events of January 6th are not separate and apart from the usurpation of our government that took place at the ballot box in November 2020; they were a reaction to it. The reason those people were peacefully assembled in Washington, D. C. that day was to protest the usurpation and to “Stop the Steal.” 

Everyone who knows me knows that I think election integrity is the most important issue for us to focus on if we are ever going to solve ANY of the problems we are now facing. Our vote is our voice in government, and without that we are not free people. And as we all are aware, it matters who is at the helm of our government and who fills the positions--at every level--which are meant to be held by those who would adhere to their oath of office. 

I think our corrupt government agrees with me that it is important to prioritize who it is that controls our elections. The tyrants know exactly what it means for them if our elections are secured, and that is why they take the measures that they do to try to keep us in fear and passive and silent. They understand why it is so important that "we the people" not dare to question things, for it threatens the power that they hold when we do. 

Our votes are a threat to tyrants. Our voices are threats to them as well. And just look at the lengths they will go to suppress our rights to peacefully assemble and protest. (A TRULY peaceful protest!) If you want to avoid ever having to exercise your Second Amendment rights to defend yourself against a tyrannical government, then you need to find the courage to exercise your First Amendment rights RIGHT NOW.

There is no justice to be found in our judicial system any more. Sure, sometimes they get it right. But the entire system has become so corrupted that the outcome that one might expect is as reliable as that of the Two-Face character in Batman--flip a coin. There is no justice in such an unreliable system, for what it signals is that we have become a country governed not by laws but by the will of tyrants, and you can never know anymore, if you find yourself in front of a judge, which side of the coin your fate will land on. It is truly now only a matter of luck what kind of judge you might encounter, and in large part, your fate will be decided by the politics of whomever it is to whom they are indebted.

And yet, when it comes to restoring election integrity, it is our judicial system upon which many are pinning their hopes. Is it practical, though, given that our three branches of government at every level--both federal and state--have seemingly morphed into one single branch that protects those within it rather than providing any checks or balances? Are we truly free people when the only way our rights can possibly (flip a coin) be upheld is when we engage in costly lawsuits against a government that is aligned against us? 

That is not freedom to me. We should neither have to beg our legislators or those in our executive branch to do their jobs, nor should we have to sue our government when they are refusing to work for us. And yet, that is where we are, with many now even having to defend themselves in court against attacks upon them by their very own government. Those who have been labeled as insurrectionists are in a losing situation, for the very government that has pointed the finger at them also includes within it those who administer the verdicts and the “justice.” For many, there has been no due process at all, and the hope of finding justice within such a corrupted system is slim.

Suing our government doesn't work when our SCOTUS and the systems beneath them have been corrupted. If our judicial system worked, we would not still be fighting for election integrity and people like this candidate for governor (and others who were targeted for having been at the capitol on January 6th) would not be having their rights infringed upon. Begging and pleading with our legislators has also gotten us nowhere with regard to election integrity. The small wins here and there aren't enough. We will lose our country before enough conservatives find the testicular fortitude needed to defend our rights. And the executive branch of government at both federal and state levels drives the corruption and the tyranny.

We have to speak out against the tyranny in a meaningful way. Rallies outside of the capitol aren't going to cut it when our government is not listening. Those are only effective when there are still elected officials with the initiative to hear the voices of the people and the integrity to uphold their oath and take action. But we don't have that right now. I very much fear what our future holds if people do not exercise their First Amendment rights to assemble and to speak freely. We need to become so loud that they cannot silence us. That is what almost happened on January 6th, and that is why they set a trap to corrupt that peaceful assembly and strike fear into the hearts of any who would dare to speak out against or question what they believe is corruption within their very own government. As we have seen with the reactions to social control measures implemented throughout the COVID-19 plandemic, fear is a very powerful motivator and a tool for maintaining control.

Unless and until we face our fears and choose to act in spite of them, our freedoms will continue to erode. A judge has ordered this Michigan candidate for governor to surrender his weapons. Make no mistake that the tyrants currently at the helm are seeking to rob every patriot of their Second Amendment rights. I believe that the only peaceful approach that we have is for us to recognize the power of the peaceful protest, for the tyrants know the power of it already and that is why they seek to suppress it. We need to show up to their offices--as good journalists seeking the truth once did--and demand that our government look us in the eye and answer to us, for it is "we the people" who grant them their authority in government. We get what we accept, and we should stop accepting tyranny.

I have made the calls and written the letters, as I am sure that many of you have as well. They will continue to ignore the calls and the letters until we show up in numbers--together--and make them look us in the eye. They need to fear us. Currently, they do not. I have faced my own Senator Slama, looked her in the eye, and literally pleaded with her to uphold her oath and address concerns that people have about the constitutionality of our elections. Slama's response to my request, which is a valid one and one held by many Nebraskans, is that I was trying to overthrow the government. I told her that I was simply trying to get her to reinstitute the form of government which she herself had abandoned.

If we want the U.S. Constitution to be reinstituted as the Supreme Law of the Land, then we will have to take it back. We cannot rely upon the corrupted government which has deliberately abandoned the Constitution to ever restore it to us. It will never be given back to us. As always, my offer always stands--if you want someone to go with you to look your elected officials in the eye, contact me. I'll go to the capitol with you. We need to go in numbers, though. The calls, the letters, and the one-on-one visits with them won't get the job done. Nor will any amount of “keyboard warrior-ing.” We have to make them look us in the eye. It's all about accountability.

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