Whenever I hear a politician say he will protect our 2nd Amendment rights in Nebraska, I have this overwhelming urge to just give him one of those French style glove slaps.

We BARELY have any rights left.  I want this to change in the November 2022 election.  You all know of me as the guy who made the initiative that will basically dismantle the State Department of Education, and the guy who wrote the Medical Freedom Initiative that will NOT let anyone mandate vaccines. 

I am ALSO the guy, together with a good friend of mine, who is making sure we have several excellent 2nd Amendment Initiatives out in Nebraska RIGHT NOW, so we can get these on the 2022 ballot and YOU, yes YOU, can make them into Nebraska law.

What are they? 

 *Constitutional Carry (no permits required)

* Full Access (bring your weapon to church or wherever)

* Stand your ground (You can ACTUALLY protect yourself)

* Self Defense Prosecution Immunity (Think Rittenhouse) 

* Unorganized Militia (Protects against Fed gun grabs)

* Governor Overrule (Gov can protect you from local rules, and the overruling executive orders issued by the governor may be overridden by a three/fifths supermajority of the Legislature.)

If you believe in the 2nd Amendment, HAVE YOU SIGNED THESE?

Better yet, have you become a signature gathering volunteer?  We have many more initiatives in the pipeline, initiatives that protect our rights and help make a HARD RIGHT TURN for Nebraska.

Will you step up now to fight to make REAL laws, or will you just wait at home until they come and take away your guns, haul you away, or simply dispose of you?

Pictured below is MY choice of arms.  I do believe that Senator Biden (that old guy who got stuck in the big White House with some help from his friends the CHICOM) acknowledged our right to have these, (Seriously, check out his video on it).

Michael Connely 

 2022 Candidate for Nebraska Governor

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