OUR ELECTIONS ARE IN THE HANDS OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and the lazy (or corrupt?) fools that currently serve in elected positions in our state didn't do a damn thing to secure them. There is real danger in people thinking that there is any solution other than to get the federal government out of our elections. 

Groups like the Voter Accuracy Project are leading people astray when they suggest that we can just "overwhelm" a corrupted system. If they were truly trying to fix our elections (and I know for a fact that several of the leaders of the Voter Accuracy Project are hostile to those who try to offer real solutions), then they would be demanding a remedy from the elected officials who have failed us and who will be robbing us of our constitutionally protected right to a free and fair election on May 10th. That is not something that "we the people" should simply accept and move on from. 

We did it once after the November 2020 election. We never should have begun talk of 2022 or 2024, when what was stolen from us in 2020 still has not been returned. I don't think people understand what peril our freedom is in. If we permit our government to insist that it's no big deal for us to be subjected to an election that is conducted unconstitutionally, then you can kiss all your other freedoms goodbye, for you no longer have a voice in your government.

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