Our freedom is but an illusion right now, and it is absurd to think that the answers can be found at the ballot box when the ballot box is corrupted and completely out of our control. The real danger is that I believe we are at the last point in time at which we can effectively push back on this and still have a fighting chance.

What I fear will happen is that, as we have been conditioned to do, people will slip back into a false sense of security when things SEEM to go in a way that suggests that the system still works, but they will not realize that the tyrants have immeasurable patience and are stripping away our freedom bit by bit. So we might have an outcome in our May primary that we are happy (or happy enough) with to accept, because to worry about whether or not corruption still exists is too hard, and--hey, if we get mostly what we want, then we are content to move on from it, right?

I mean, the outrage about vaccine mandates has become little more than a whisper now. People are forgetting what our government did to us and they do not realize that the bad legislation that was passed to protect us from being forced to accept a vaccine by our employer was actually a LOSS of freedom, for now it is written into our statutes that your employer can require you to wear a mask and to submit to regular testing. Absolutely nothing was gained in that bill that was not already ours, but many of our most conservative senators and groups that tout to be defenders of liberty cheered LB 906 as a victory. It wasn't. Our perspective has become so distorted and our memories are short-lived.

This gradual forgetting of what freedom is will be our undoing. Each time we slip back into our comfort zone, we lose ground and the next time that they come for our freedom, we will have even less of it to protect. Until, eventually, there will be none left. The day will come when we finally realize that we've waited too long if we do not stand up and claim our freedom RIGHT NOW.

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