The GOP (as well as many PACs) does a disservice to the people with their political paywalls that control which candidates get access to the voters. It should not be that way. It should never be cost prohibitive for voters to be fully informed about ALL of the candidates.  The influence of money excludes the voices of so many. The political playing field in Nebraska (everywhere, really) has become an elitist club which one must buy into. 

I say to hell with them. Let's take our country back from them and show them the power of "we the people." We have been conditioned to accept the argument that their way is the only way. But is it? Does an expensive billboard or radio ad carry more value than your own voice? Should you only have access to candidates by purchasing tickets to their events? Should the GOP be limiting the access that candidates have to the voters based on how much a candidate pays to the GOP?

I don't think so. And I damn sure don't believe that a candidate's ability to buy exposure in any way equates to an ability to be a good public servant. Those who want to hold on to this broken system of pay-to-play politics value money more than they value people.

Let's end it. I've been laughed at by many who don't want the paywall politics to cease, because they don't want their access to power and control to be diminished. They want you to believe that my way is impossible, and in making their argument, what they are really doing us devaluing YOU. They want you to believe that you need them. And they also want your money. What I want is to see "we the people" restored to our rightful place in politics. It *can* be done with YOUR voice and your passion. I would ask each of you--no matter who your choice of candidate is--to abandon the idea that your voices only carry the heft of your wallet. It costs you nothing to share your passion for a candidate with others--no matter who is your candidate of choice. And we should all be passionate about who it is we choose to lead us in these dangerous times when our freedom is being eroded. The value of your voice is immeasurable, and passion cannot be bought. I believe in us. I believe in WE THE PEOPLE. Do you?

* This commentary was originally posted on Facebook on 9/5/21

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