I have tried to communicate with Lincoln/Lancaster County leadership on behalf of my constituents, who share the same concerns as I do. In my recent communication, I asked specific questions, questions that I have asked, in one way or another, many times before of various departments and entities. This has been slightly modified (seen in … or [ ] denotations) and points 4 and 6 were combined into one for clarity’s sake. 😊 

Here are questions/points that I addressed: 

“…It has become an unfortunate reality that our leadership is targeting groups of individuals who have, for whatever reason, chosen a different approach to their healthcare. 

…Please stop targeting groups of people needlessly. [We] do not know their background or what conversations they have had with their healthcare providers. …They do not need to be targeted. …This creates opportunities for hate crimes, targeting certain individuals, labeling, discrimination...all the things that we have fought decades to address. …More people than not have told me that they distrust and mistrust the healthcare system, that they will NOT go to the hospital, will not seek help, and will not be treated, tested, poked, and prodded. This is heartbreaking. Is this what [we] want for our community? What is the goal of this bullying? Magical compliance? I don't see it. 

Let me elaborate further... 

1011 article yesterday reported that, and I quote, "LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department reported four additional deaths from COVID-19 on Tuesday. The four deaths were a man in his 60s and two men in their 80s who were hospitalized, and a woman in her 90s who was in a long-term care facility. All were vaccinated. This brings the total number of deaths to 335" (https://www.1011now.com/2021/12/07/llchd-reports-four-more-death-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR0TS7VpMdSTDRwbNhKc5rxr0xcN5CKUdsEKhFd5M2MNFHfKWWM4wRONrKw). Yet today, on the radio, the dial being higher in the orange was blamed on the unvaccinated. Then, it was immediately followed by a story from a Bryan hospital employee stating that most hospitalized individuals are unvaccinated. 

First, [let’s] please stop blaming either group. COVID is a tragedy. We have all struggled this past year and a half. We, as a society, need to stop blaming others and take responsibility for our own health, our own lives. 

Second, … those who [are called] "unvaccinated" may have had conversations with their doctors and have decided that the vaccination is not best for them. The reason is not up to anyone else to decide. That is between the patient and his or her doctor. 

Third, can [we] please address what definitions [are being used]? What is a "case?" Anyone who has tested? If so, this statistic is worthless. All that says is how many tests were given. All it does is incite fear, and you know as well as I do, fear is a great emotion that can be used against people. Please define what you view as "vaccinated." Is it those with two shots and 14 days after their second shot dose? Or, is it those who have also had the booster? By my understanding, …[LCHD] would categorize someone who has had a second shot but has not reached the 14-day mark as unvaccinated. If that is what you're basing vaccinated versus unvaccinated numbers on, then your statements are deceiving...people have caught on to that, too. 

Fourth, what work has been done to look at the hospital protocol in how COVID patients are being treated? Remdesivir side effects look very similar to what is reported to happen at the very end of COVID. Is there a discussion that maybe remdesivir is causing issues? Also, 5G poisoning? Did anyone check that out to see similarities between that and COVID? Have we done ANYTHING to find the cause, or are we just in the habit of blaming people now? Have we taken a look at VAERS? Have we tried to understand the WHY? 

Fifth, why are hospitals sending away minor cases of COVID instead of prescribing treatments that could prevent people from getting worse? Why are hospitals sending people away (not just now, but in the past as well) whose symptoms are not severe WITH NO MEDICATIONS, NO PRESCRIPTIONS for anything? Attorney General released a 40ish page, THOROUGH, TRULY scientific paper regarding some treatment options. [Patients] are being told to go home and come back if it's worse. Of course, the only people you're going to get in the hospital are those who are in the worst condition. [Has LCHD] thought about maybe treating patients EARLY to ensure that they DO NOT end up in the hospital or is that something we don't do anymore? 

[Sixth], … why hasn't the LCHD invited doctors outside of St Ez and Bryan to talk? Nebraska is full of medical professionals who are on both sides of the fence, but yet, [the] updates always bring in Bryan hospital employees or those affiliated with Bryan health, only those who share in your perspective and not necessarily those who have been successful in treating patients in other ways. Are we not following science anymore or has the definition of science changed to ONE and only ONE perspective? May I remind you that SCIENCE is the very definition of asking questions and seeking MULTIPLE perspectives. People have caught on to this and are asking questions... 

[Seventh], have you touched base with other doctors in town who have PREVENTED their patients from going to the hospitals and asked for their feedback? 

[Eighth], what funding is paying or pushing all of this? I, specifically, want to know conflicts of interest. What financial involvement does Bryan hospital have, LCHD have, to only support one side...to the point that it is promoting the targeting, discrimination, and segregation of a group of individuals that one knows nothing about (as far as their past health history) BUT YET the same departments and groups talk about respecting diversity and inclusion? What makes this group of individuals less deserving? 

Please address these concerns. My constituents and I would love to know the answers. 

Dr. Newman, CPhT

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