By Elina Newman

A few days ago, I prayed for a way for God to use me this holiday season. Today, God said, "I am calling you...NOW." As I am sitting here at Scooter's at 27th and Pine Lake, I was given a unique opportunity to bless someone. 

A patron asked Scooter's staff if this individual could sell a Scooter's gift card for groceries. This person then came up to the tables and asked if people would buy the card for fraction of the balance on it. I told the person no need. I will buy the groceries and deliver them to the house. I gave the person my phone number and name. I gave him a big hug, and the person was able to unload the stress. 

BLESS people this holiday season. This past year and a half has been hard for everyone. There are people struggling with demons much greater than our own. Have compassion; have empathy. If you feel called to help or be involved in this effort, private message me. We can get a "random blessings" effort going here in our community.

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