Regardless of which "side of the aisle" you are on, please take a listen. 

Despite the knee-jerk responses which many Republicans have posted online about RFK, Jr. supporting reparations, Kennedy's view of what "reparations" would look like sounds an awful lot like the Opportunity Zones of the Trump administration--which most Trump supporters cheered. 

This video is an example of how we should be addressing the issues in our nation which are keeping us divided. This is a respectful discussion, and (as you will see), Kennedy isn't catering to anyone on the basis of politics (some of those to whom he is speaking don't agree with him), but is trying to come up with real and practical and lasting solutions. The alternative to failing to address these concerns (which are tools used by politicians to keep us divided) is that we will continue to remain divided and nothing will change.

I think that Kennedy offers a test of our sincerity on a lot of the major divisive issues that the tribal two-party system of government (which truly operates as a uniparty against ALL of us) has conditioned us to remain loyal to. Do we truly want to come to the table and have a discussion to try to find real solutions? Or do we want to just continue to remain loyal to the talking points of political parties who have no intention of ever fixing anything because THEY are the ones who profit when we remain divided? Under such a system, we are ALL slaves of government. Kennedy's run for president offers us an opportunity to unite AGAINST the tyrannical two-party system that keeps us ALL under the thumb of our government.

The full interview may be viewed at the link below:

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