I said I would share any responses I got to letters that I sent to elected officials whom I spoke with on the day that Governor Ricketts held a town hall on the Voter ID initiative in Nebraska City. That took place on June 30th, I believe. I sent an email to Senator Linehan on July 7th, reminding her that she had promised me a response. I sent another follow up email to her on August 5th. 

To this day I still have received no response, despite the fact that Senator Linehan assured me that her office would provide me with an answer to my questions regarding the Albert sensors used in our elections. To be fair, there is no elected official in the state who will provide me with an answer to the question of how it is that the machines used in our elections that have no connectivity capabilities can use Albert sensors which work remotely to transmit information to Amazon Cloud Services outside of our state. (If anyone reading this can answer that, please comment. Our elected officials do not know or will not say.) 



I should have known better than to believe her when she promised to respond.

Speaking of updates and Senator Linehan, does anyone know how this is going? 


"It is disgusting," Sen. Linehan said of the ad. Multiple women have accused Herbster of sexual assault, and the women are all in their early 20s or late teens. "He is clearly a predator," Sen. Linehan continued.

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