Secretary of State Evnen is trying hard to get ahead of the well-earned criticism of him for the negligence he has repeatedly shown by failing to provide proper oversight of our elections. His recent assertion that post-election audits assure us that we may trust the machines is likely in an attempt to dissuade voters and our senators from pursuing meaningful legislation in this upcoming legislative session which would truly help to secure our elections by getting rid of the machines used to count the ballots.

He loves those damned machines, and when politicians cling so tightly to something--even when the voters plead with them to do otherwise-- you can bet that it's likely because there is something in it for them. Evnen himself points to the potential for a person to be corrupted into accepting a bribe in the video link below:

Again, I think it is quite reasonable for voters to be asking our elected officials (our senators and AG-elect Hilgers) what it is that they plan to do to hold Secretary of State Evnen accountable. We know for a fact that he has lied to Nebraskans. He isn't being honest with us about the audits. And, as the video below demonstrates, he has lied to us about other things as well.

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