By Brenda Fourtner, Candidate for District 42 Legislature 

I am a solid patriot that believes polished politicians, that have spent years in government elected positions have tarnished our country. Making deals with the devils that hide in the shadows, doing slide of hand maneuvers, not caring what is left after the disaster plays out. 

I’d like to ask some questions of people. Why do you live in Nebraska? What are your most cherished reasons for staying in this state? Now imagine having promises made of bringing in a Nebraska cattlemen owned meat packing plant. With promises of thermal oxidation used to cut the stench, as to not stink up the town. Promises of no TIF money used, so your already high taxes aren’t raised. 500 job positions that would require educated, trained individuals to fill these positions. Also making sure to cover the waste lagoon to help capture emissions given off of the waste. 

Now this plant has decided the majority ownership of this plant will not be Nebraska owned, possibly a Fortune 500 company from another state. Also the thermal oxidation is too expensive, so chemical scrubbers will be used instead. Keep in mind this plant will be located between the Platte River, & South Platte River. Also, we’re not going to bother covering the lagoon to capture emissions. Oh & we’re also to going to give TIF money for this, which will be fine because you’re used to paying high taxes. 

So do you continue to go along? Will the reasons you live in Nebraska be at risk? Keep in mind which direction the 2 rivers flow. Do you think the population of that town will be affected by illegal immigrants? Crime rate? What do you think will happen to the air quality of that town & surrounding towns? What are your thoughts? Farmers & ranchers of Nebraska have always been good stewards of our land. If this plant is not majority owned by Nebraska farmers & ranchers, will the stewardship carry through?

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