We have to make sure that we do not move past our May 10th primary election without election integrity being restored. The real fraud with our elections comes from the fact that we are not free people when the federal government controls every aspect of our elections, as they currently do. The casting of our votes is nothing more than theater, and when the machines are the ones counting the votes (and they are), then the outcome of any election can be tweaked at will by a corrupt and tyrannical federal government.

If we accept an unconstitutionally conducted primary election, we may not see the consequences of what that means right away. We may get an outcome that appears to us to be "good enough" to accept and move on from. That false hope of things being "okay" is dangerous, and the tyrants who are taking over our country have immeasurable patience.

Here is an example. Vaccine mandates are no longer at the forefront of people's minds, and in the fight against them, LB906 gave us a false sense of security. That bill didn't protect our freedoms the way that it should have. It resulted in freedoms being given away. There was no trade-off. We gained nothing that was not already ours. We have got to start fighting for our freedom with COURAGE and refusing to negotiate our freedoms away to tyrants who are content to whittle away at them bit by bit.

Pay attention, folks. How we respond to our May 10th primary election is pivotal, I believe, in determining whether or not we will be free people going forward. Our vote--our voice in government--has already been taken from us. The question is, do we have people with the courage to take it back? None currently serving in office do, so we must look to those who are currently candidates asking to serve you going forward to stand up with courage NOW. I will.

I issue this challenge, not only to Senator Hilgers, but to EVERY candidate currently running for office.

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