This request from the surgeon general ( is an obvious attack on those of us whom DHS warns might be terrorists if we dare to ask questions about C-19, elections, and even 5G. The "disinformation toolkits" to inform you of the government-approved thought on C-19 can be found here:

Why this is a greater threat than you know is because you might not be aware of Biden's executive order from May 2021 which required Big Tech companies who contract with the executive branch to rewrite their contracts to allow for more transparency upward (to the White House, to DHS, etc.). Pair that with the fact that the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA) is an arm of the DHS that tells you EXACTLY what you are allowed to think about C-19 (and also elections)--and you will know if you are straying from the blueprint of approved thought because DHS has in effect (even at this moment) a terror alert warning about those who speak out online about elections and C-19. Read it here: 

If you dare to speak outside of the information found in the "disinformation toolkits" put out by CISA on the topics of elections, C-19, and even 5G, then you might be a danger to society and your neighbors should probably turn you in (per the government). But this request from the surgeon general is scary because most people don't know about that executive order that required the Big Tech companies to rewrite their contracts with the government so that the executive branch is permitted more transparency and access to their data.  A summary of the executive order can be found here:

 The level of overreach should scare the hell out of you, particularly in light of this request from the surgeon general. There is a section that mentions SBOM, which is a Software Bill of Materials. The breakdown of the E.O. refers to the SBOM as being like an "ingredients list" for software. How ironic that the same people who won't tell you what is in the crap that they are requiring you to inject into your bodies is demanding to know the "ingredients" of software that is used by those with whom they contract!

This edition of the Hillsdale College publication Imprimis ( can put all of this in the proper perspective. The Great Reset is nearly complete, and the only thing that can stop it is us. But it won't happen if we don't speak up. You should not stay silent, but should be speaking out LOUDLY against this, because you are a target whether or speak up or whether your remain silent. Fight back.

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