When I ran for office, I often spoke of people needing to know what their "red line" is. I would encourage people to spend some time reflecting on that, and to even consider writing it down. You really must know what your "red line" is. It is the point that makes the difference between inaction and action. 

I have been surprised at how much people have been willing to take. For me, the "red line" with Target stores was a LONG time ago. I haven't been in a Target store in YEARS. It's difficult for me to make the point I want to make without having people think that I'm judging them if they were among those who didn't draw their "red line" when I did. My intention in pointing out how long this has been going on isn't to judge anyone, though. It's to point to how very important it is for us to know our "red line." Nothing changes until enough of us do. 

The article below is from 2016. 


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