What kind of power do you think can be wielded over Trump when he is demonstrating RIGHT NOW to Americans that he will allow a fear of what others will think of him--if he were to speak the TRUTH about the vaccines--to compel him to stay silent when he should be speaking up to warn people to stop taking the harmful shots? A man who would modulate his speech out of a fear of the consequences of speaking the truth is not a man who can be trusted to protect us. We would be fools to trust Trump’s judgment to do the right thing in the future because he isn’t doing the right thing NOW.

Why is it that so many Trump supporters will accept as the gospel truth that Trump is "in charge" right now and that he has some sort of a plan that we should all just blindly trust, but those same people won't for one second entertain the concerns which I raise as being even remotely possible?

I don't pretend to have all of the answers, but I do have a lot of questions.  History will be the judge of all of us, and when people someday look back at how it was that our great nation was brought to ruin (for I fear that is where we are headed), I don't want to be among those whom are recognized as having been the "useful idiots." 










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