I know that not everyone shares my level of concern when it comes to election integrity, but I am telling you--that is where everyone's eyes should be. What is going on with elections in our state is looking an awful lot like what the Dems did with Hillary. The support that we were told over and over again that she had just wasn't there. Same with Biden.

For months and months, our state has been blanketed with Pillen signs. Pillen has largely dodged the candidate forums. And when Rex Schroder and I went to hear Pillen speak in Nebraska City, there were not a lot of people in attendance--and half of them were ones who arrived with or were part of Pillen's campaign. 

The point that I'm getting at is that, after having traveled across the state as a candidate myself, and having spoken with many who are engaged in politics (i.e., paying attention and likely to vote), I can tell you that I believe that any news or polls that would show Pillen at the top are likely not accurate. I just don't see how they could be.  I've heard Pillen's representatives say that he is reaching out via Zoom meetings, but again--if so, where are all these people who support him? 

I never cross paths with Pillen supporters. Never. If they are out there, they seem to be few and far between. I do not believe that Pillen has anywhere near the support that they claim that he does. And I think that's PART of the reason that Herbster has been hit with these recent accusations. Regardless of whether you think Herbster might be guilty of Slama's accusations or not (and at this point, there is certainly more reason to doubt her story than to believe it), the timing of her making these allegations now is 100% politically motivated. I believe it is done in part to try to move people away from supporting Herbster, but I think that it also might have been done to provide cover for what I fear will be the "the Nebraska steal." 

Now, mind you, I am not voting for Herbster myself, but election integrity is my top concern right now, and so to me this is not a matter of Herbster or any other candidate being robbed of a win (none of them are entitled to win)--it's a matter of every single eligible Nebraska voter being robbed of their right to choose who it is that will be our next governor. 

Our lazy (or corrupt?) government has failed to heed our concerns that--when ES&S machines count our votes--our elections are being conducted unconstitutionally and without any guarantees to the people that our votes are being counted as they are cast. So regardless of whether I am right or wrong regarding my fears of a "Nebraska steal," it is 100% true that the vote you cast on May 10th will be counted by a machine whose security and oversight falls under the Department of Homeland Security--the same DHS that threatens to label Patriots as dangerous simply for raising questions about how our elections are being conducted. 

But we should be asking questions. Many of us have been. And we have been ignored. Why is that?

Secretary of State Evnen seems to be part of Ricketts' circle, and though I do not know exactly where the line is drawn when it comes to our senators as to whether their intentions are good or not, I will say that I do not trust ANY of them who have endorsed Evnen. There isn't a single senator in the Unicameral who has taken seriously my concerns (shared by many Nebraskans) that our May 10th primary is going to be conducted unconstitutionally, with our votes being counted by ES&S machines which allow us no oversight whatsoever and no guarantees that our votes are counted as our ballots are marked. 

So in many regards, ALL of the senators will be culpable for permitting an unconstitutional primary to take place on May 10th. We have to be critical of even our “best” senators. Why the hell is Senator Brewer endorsing crooked Evnen for Sec of State? Here are the names of the others who have endorsed Evnen: Governor Pete Ricketts, Senator Deb Fischer, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, Congressman Don Bacon, Congressman Adrian Smith, former governor Kay Orr, Lt. Governor Mike Foley, Speaker Mike Hilgers and Senators Tom Brewer, Suzanne Geist, Dan Hughes, and Rita Sanders.State 

Senator Suzanne Geist: “Bob Evnen is exactly the right person to serve as Secretary of State for Nebraska. He serves with honesty and integrity and engenders confidence in our elections. I proudly endorse his reelection.”

(No, he isn't. And no, he doesn't.) 

So let me ask you this... Are others seeing any indications that the Pillen support is genuine? Or is it all just smoke and mirrors, done (at best) to manipulate and sway voters, or (at worst) to set the stage to coverup for what I fear may be what I call "the Nebraska steal?"

Please comment below and let me know what you think. I admit that I could be wrong on this. But from what I have seen with my own two eyes, things just don't add up.

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