“You are living a movie.”

“Things are scripted.”

“This is all handled.”

“It’s all under control.”

“We’re doing all of this for you.”

“It has to be this way.”

These are all statements which have been taken directly from videos that people have shared with me.

I worry that many are unwittingly rejecting God right now when they accept these narratives that tell them that "it had to be this way" or that there was “no other way.”

This is how groomers and abusers speak.

A lot of these narratives also create more of a reliance upon those telling the story than a reliance on God. God is sometimes mentioned by these people, but it never rings true to me as anything other than blasphemy. I believe that God is the Light and the Truth and that God is never obscured from those who ask, seek, and knock. This is why the messages that we are all part of a "scripted movie” never ring true to me. They are messages that are meant to create a dependency upon authors who remain obscured to us, but whose script for us we are told we should accept. We should not look to man for our script, but to God--who gives us the awesome power of choice. That choice--our free will--is the reflection of God’s image in us and I think we would be wise to embrace that power and to use it wisely. It is a great power which God has given us, and with it comes great responsibility. One day we will all be made to answer for what we chose to do with that power.

I believe that we reject God when we presume ourselves weak and powerless and look to people and things of this earth for our protections and comforts. We are not God, but being made in God's image we are able to create through our choices and our free will. When we reject our own free will and presume ourselves powerless, we reject that part of us which is made in God’s image—our INDEPENDENCE. We are free agents who can either choose to accept or reject God. God’s protection is not simply bestowed upon us. Our ability to either choose or reject God is what gives meaning to God’s greatest gift of forgiveness. It is a gift that is denied to no one who asks for it. Whether or not we receive God’s protection and guidance in our lives depends upon what we choose and the actions we take as a result of those choices, which are a testament of our faith.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people that he didn't exist. I believe that many are being tricked by a Devil that is hiding right under their noses in various forms. So many distractions and deceptions are luring people away from God. It surprises me that so many people who share on social media information detailing the controlling and grooming tactics of human traffickers don’t recognize the very same abusive language and tactics when they are used on them. I wish people could see and understand how technology and propaganda narratives are being used to traffic humans in a way that has never been done before. Those who are quick to acknowledge that we are in a “war of information” don’t see that they themselves are the commodity being trafficked.

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