The contract between ES&S and the State of Nebraska contains within it terms which impede our constitutional right to a free election. 

The non-disclosure agreements that it requires leaves no option for the public to know if their vote is being counted as it was cast. 

Even if the state discovers insecurities in the services that ES&S provides, the contract binds them to silence! 

There is no way in hell that is constitutional. 

So we need to call on our governor and our senators to call on our AG to call on Secretary of State Evnen to cancel the contract, and we need to have only paper voting (no machines) by the time of our next primary. 

This is how we will know by the time of our next primary whether or not or vote still matters. Our elected officials must uphold their oath and cancel the contract with ES&S and proceed with the primary election being paper only and free from machines. We should not accept any amendments to the contract, for I believe that the terms of the current contract suggest that ES&S believes they have something to hide. 

If our elected officials do NOT address this before the next primary, then they are giving us our answer by their inaction as to whether or not our elections still matter or if they will be nothing more than theater from this point forward. They have the opportunity right now to do the right thing. Will they? 

We can NOT proceed into a primary election with the ES&S contract in place. The terms of the contract impede upon our constitutional right to a free election.  

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