By Michael Connely

I do not like airing the dirty laundry of others.  There comes a time however when false accusations stacked on false accusations become excessive and the creators of that fiction need to be exposed for what they really are.  Spinners of webs of deception in order to make illicit gains.

Campaign workers for other candidates for Governor love to create amazing fiction about me.  Why?  Am I such a threat to the electability of their candidate they must create fiction?  How does it help the problems we have in Nebraska by directly opposing the most practical legal action we can take to fix our problems!  

Let's look at fact.  If you look at government records of accountability and disclosure that all candidates must fill out (I am sure you can access it somewhere) you will see that one of my business ventures is a Publishing Company.  What do publishing companies do?  They publish books.  Do you know something else they must do before they have authors write the books, have editors edit the books, and then finally publish the books?  They must research the materials.  They being ME.

One of the books in development is for herbal remedies, so I research all sources of herbal remedies. Do you know who is the best at those?  Shinto religious members (worshipping nature), who incidentally are the inventors of IVERMECTIN, and Wiccans (a witch religion).  Some people are saying because I research groups of people like this, I am a witch of some sort.  Well, if that were the case I would have already turned several people into frogs, including Senator Biden.  

I am a Christian, was both a Bible School Teacher and Deacon in a Christian church.  My daughter went to a private Christian school. It must be such a disappointment to the campaign organizers of other candidates that I do not actually have a magic wand.  

But wait, some of them may be saying.  What about all the magical talk, the talks of special abilities and powers.  Oh, that was not for my herbal remedies book which is still in progress.  All of that is  for a fantasy/magical/time travel fiction series that talks about different types of people with different powerful abilities.   We JUST  published a book that made use of this research.  Would you like to read it?  The author will be running against Fortenberry for US Congress.   She is also a Christian, not some spell casting witch.

There is another interesting point that the creators of bizarre allegations against me may find shocking.  There are actually more Michael Connelys in the world than just me.  Who would have thought, right!  In just my family, a couple generations back my great grandmother and great great grandmother had about a dozen children each.  That is a lot of Connely families.

One bizarre allegation against me was that I must have defrauded the government by applying for Covid relief money for my ranch in Broken Bow, while I was really in Japan.  Both of those statements are fiction.  

Check out my resume on my LinkedIn Profile.  I stopped my full time work in Japan in 2016.  Old military injuries left me partially paralyzed off and on for quite some time and I returned to Nebraska.  I have lived in Nebraska since that time.  I do travel to Japan.  I also travel to Korea.  I travel to Dubai. I travel to Florida, Nevada, and West Virginia, but am not a resident in those places.

As for the defrauding bizarre allegations... The original Connely Homestead is near Broken Bow Nebraska, and it is farmed by Michael Connely, son of Claris Connely, son of John Connely, son of Tom C Connely.  Well here is the problem, my dad is not Claris, his name is Jack. My grandfather is Tom, not John.  The Michael Connely in Broken Bow does have the same great grandfather though.   Michael Connely in Broken Bow may have applied for Covid Relief money, but what my COUSIN does is really none of my concern.

Now for some real facts.  There are a couple of ladies who LOVE Charles Herbster and speak ill of anyone who does not cower before them.  One is Christine Vail who runs a few supposedly conservative sites.  She pleaded with me to drop out of the race and be a potential Lt. for Charles.  I did not take her up on it.  Later when I mentioned that she would not approve a post about Pro-Life on her site because "abortion is legal at this time so your post is not appropriate", she banned me and several of my supporters from her "We the People of Nebraska" site.  She has been speaking scorn ever since.

The other Herbster supporter is Cindy Burcham.  You may remember her.  She is the one who took pictures from my actor page (including costume contest pictures.  (I was the Terminator) and claimed I was some bizarre person.  I have been an actor and my  most famous roles were for Nintendo Game Characters Martin Summer and Dunning Smith.  Want to see, search Nintendo Hotel Dusk and one of my character names.  

Oh but surely the vampire picture tells all right! One of my former students (who is now a teacher) has a nice App on her phone that makes all kinds of weird faces.  I use these on my acting page.  It beats the heck out of putting on slimy makeup.  I hate makeup.  After Cindy Burcham made her attempt at mudslinging, everyone laughed at her so much she deleted the post.

It seems that Cindy Burcham really wants to have power. People describe her as someone who is a self proclaimed dignitary. She does not have leadership roles in the GOP.  She is making up her own little Governor Candidate Forum but made sure to leave my name off of it.  Some people have told me that if I DARE to attend her private event, she will have the sheriff escort me out of town.  Should I go???  No, I will be busy at the Neleigh gun show with Rex Schroder, future Secretary of State, and Jennifer Hicks , future Attorney General.   Cindy does not attack just me.  She claims that Pillen is a criminal, and I will not even mention what she says about Breland.

Facts are fun, aren't they.  They are even more interesting than the fiction that others create.  

Which candidates have close supporters or managers who speak false narratives (kind of sound like Democrats, doesn't it!)

Lindstrom  1 person, close supporter... Most others are pleasant

Herbster  2 people, radical supporters

Ridenour  Campaign manager and many close supporters

That last is a bit disappointing to me.  I have always been complimentary of Breland, and I have defended his family against attacks from others, but those closest to him create the most elaborate fiction.  Allie French, together with Scott Bush (they were sitting shoulder to shoulder at the COS meeting) are the most creative in making falsehoods.  It may be because I hurt their feelings.

Scott Bush wanted me to use him as security when I came to the Omaha area.  I did not tell him I would.  I think it bruised his ego.

Allie French was hurt when I did not allow her and Tim Davis to use my farm for her money making event.  I cannot do alcohol and other sales vending there, wrong zoning.  Allie insisted it was ok and we could just hide it.  She tried to throw me under the bus with the zoning guys.  I insisted she get an ok from the zoning official, he wanted to have 2 special time consuming meetings, she gave up.

I was originally supportive of Tim Davis and Allie French because they were both going to run as State Senators and attempt to get rid of 2 non conservatives.  THEN, they both dropped out.  I guess that Allie's NAGO group and Tim's NFC with the donations and fund raisers was more profitable than running for the senate seats.

At an event in Doniphan, Allie French pleaded with me to drop out of the race and support Breland, then maybe I could be his Lt.  I did not accept.  That, it seems, infuriated Allie.

You see, Allie stated that since I am a disabled military veteran, I am not physically able to be a governor, hence I am not qualified.  I'll bet that Governor Abbott of Texas who is in a wheelchair would not be thrilled to hear Allie's thoughts on what makes a good Governor.

Now, there is TOO much important work that needs to be done to be creating falsehoods in an attempt to divert votes.  We need to ALL step up and help Nebraska NOW and not just rely on our stagnant oath breaking legislature.

As a reminder, I DO NOT ask for and do not accept monetary donations.  Those who make continual false allegations against me have money making political programs, selling merchandise, collecting fees, charging crazy prices for a few minutes of mic time, etc.   Making initiatives and pushing them at my cost and at the cost of the volunteers working with me puts a financial dent in the campaign and fundraising efforts of the individuals who want to play politics for profit.  I and the others at do not do this.  It is simple, we are a threat to political profitability.  You see what is important to me, what is important to YOU?

My entire team of candidates at voicesofnebraska are not trying to use political problems to make money, they are doing it to save Nebraska.  I want YOU the reader, to step up and help as well.  We need a massive army of people who will volunteer to help Nebraska, not for the money, or the ego, but for the next generation.

Feel free to share this post to the places where fiction abounds as many of those "pay to play" sites have blocked me.

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