This is a portion of a meeting that I had recently with Senator Clements for the purpose of going over with him a resolution of Nebraska voters calling upon our senators to introduce meaningful legislation in the upcoming 2023 Legislative Session. Clements was largely silent throughout the entire meeting, and I still have not yet received a requested follow-up response from his office. I will include the link below where you may copy and send the resolution to senators or use it as you wish.

I know that this video is perhaps a bit hard to follow for people who have not delved deep into the corruption that exists in our elections; but I was encouraged to have just seen featured on The Gateway Pundit an article that is so similar in content to what I have been trying to get out there for a very long time now. The problems with our elections are the result of an unholy alliance between Big Government and Big Tech.

In this meeting, to which Senator Clements also invited Todd Watson of the NEGOP, Todd told me a story which I had surprisingly never heard before about discussions that were had with Evnen which caused Watson (or perhaps the NEGOP) to believe that changing our voting system definition to include "any software or service" would lead to Evnen getting rid of Crowdstrike software.

Even if you don't understand all of the collusion that is taking place between Big Government and Big Tech that I try to point out--because it is so deep and wide and this is just the tip of the iceberg--the most important thing you should take away from this story you will hear about the NEGOP's engagement with Secretary of State Evnen regarding election security is that we cannot rely upon the NEGOP to be the ones to know what kind of legislation is needed to secure our elections in a way which isn't the equivalent of a tiny band-aid upon a gaping, gushing wound. As I point out in this video, the NEGOP Legislative Plan for 2023 never once mentioned anything about getting rid of the machines and software used in our elections. I find that very troubling. And, as I point out in this video, I think Evnen got the best of them with regard to that Crowdstrike story. It certainly sounds like he got to set the terms of any negotiations regarding which issues would be addressed. Our elected officials need to be reminded that they work for us.

The link below is one of many on my website which also points to the collusion between Big Government and Big Tech, and it includes the link to the government report on Russian interference in our elections which I briefly referenced in the video. It also includes links to information explaining why Crowdstrike being used in our elections is problematic.

I have written a resolution which anyone may download or copy and use however they like, but the legislative ideas which I have suggested that our senators consider are ones which are proposed keeping in mind that the real root of the problem with our elections is the overreach of the federal government and the untrustworthy collaborations between Big Government and Big Tech. We will have a new AG sworn in soon who has said that he will work for the people and not for his political peers. We shall see, for Senator Hilgers will have the opportunity as our next AG to put up a fight against this overreach of our federal government into our elections. Will he have the balls to do it? I don't know. But we need to ask him to do it--and then we will know where he stands. And every senator needs to be confronted with this information as well.

Give them all an ultimatum. Will they choose to protect the rights of the people, or will they choose to protect the interests of their political peers? We may not be able to get them to do what we want, but we can damn sure put every last one of them on the record as to where they stand. And there is value in knowing that. You cannot fight effectively if you do not know who your friends and enemies are.

Go find out.

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