Will you continue to put your faith and trust in those who have permitted your rights to be trampled and tread upon?

People need to remember that a silent majority holds no power. It doesn’t matter how many of us there are who agree that things are rapidly deteriorating in our country, if the majority of us still remain silent and passive observers of it. 

I think that it isn't that people don't care. I talk to many who DO see the problems but who are frozen by fear. My experiences and observations have led me to believe that it is fear that keeps people from taking action more than anything else. And it is by design of our government that we are kept in such fear. They use it to control us--and they have been very successful at it. Let me put it to you this way--when masks were "required" in Lincoln, there were multiple occasions when I found myself being the ONLY person shopping at DEGUNS without a mask on. 

It speaks volumes that those who crow the loudest about how the government will never take their guns will so easily comply with a mask mandate that permits their government to make fools of them. Many didn’t wear the masks because they believed they were protecting anyone’s health. They wore them because they were told to do it—or else. People didn't understand why I believed that the masks were a hill to die on when it came to pushing back against tyrannical social control measures that were only going to lead us closer and closer to communism. 

People would say, "It's just a mask," but every time we comply with the things that are "just" THIS or "just" THAT, we surrender a little bit more freedom. If I had to guess, I would say that *at least half* of those people I saw wearing masks in a gun store would grudgingly surrender their weapons if an executive order were issued "requiring" them to do it (or else go to jail or face whatever the fear-tactic consequence of not complying would be). I believe that there are many who would allow their fear of fighting back to lead them to say "it's just" THIS gun or THAT gun --or gun accessory or whatever it is that they try to take to gradually erode your freedoms from right under your nose. 

We already have Republicans in our government who support these infringements upon people's rights. And many companies who supply us with the products and the technology that we have become dependent upon in our daily lives are openly supportive of these infringements as well. They partner with our government to form the Upper Tier and they collaborate with them (collude?) to keep you on the Lower Tier. It’s The Great Reset. COVID-19 is the excuse that they used to get those who were already conditioned into compliance and a lack of critical thinking from decades-long indoctrination through our schools and through "political correctness" to remain frozen in fear and reliant upon a corrupted government to "save" them and to take care of them. It took decades for people to become so conditioned to complacency, and there are some generations now who have never been taught (or allowed) to think for themselves and to question things. (Look at what "science" has become.) We don't have years to try to un-indoctrinate them. 

People say I'm pushy or rude in my interactions with our government. I say that I am "peaceful but pushy." I think that we have to be peaceful but pushy right now, while peaceful is still an option. We need EVERYONE who sees the truth of things to be “peaceful but pushy” with those in our government. If there are any still left there who have any integrity left in them at all, they need to be pressed to show it. What I have found is a bunch of cowards and crooks in our government. It will take more of us being "peaceful but pushy' to find out if any of the cowards will find the courage to do what is right. As Dr. Frank has often said, politicians don't start parades, they join them. That is because they are cowards. That is a given. Most don't enter into politics because they are brave or because they are leaders. Most are selfishly motivated. So we DO have to be pushy with them in order to find if there is any integrity left within any of them to find the courage to put the people first--as they promised to do when they asked for the job. 

Until people stop trusting that they can continue to outsource the protection of their freedom to those in our government, many will continue to rely upon those who would (if it's easy for them and they are never held to account) turn tail and cover their own asses before they would defend the rights of the people. Our politicians (especially the REPUBLICANS) need to be pressed, pushed, and made to answer for why they are not fighting to secure our rights.

Our government needs a spanking.

People don't seem to understand that bad behavior from government is no different than bad behavior from toddlers. Otherwise, they will do just as undisciplined children will do--they will try to get away with as much as those tasked to monitor them are willing to let them get away with.

And we have done a piss-poor job of holding them to account.

The bad behavior will continue for as long as we allow it. We get what we accept. It doesn't require all of us to administer the spanking, but for it to be effective, it will require enough of us involved in disciplining our government for it to become PUBLIC (and that only occurs when people are VOCAL about what they are doing) and something that they cannot run from.

People also need to understand that--just as with children--the discipline is not a "one and done" action. I know from experience that our government will meet us with as much resistance as a stubborn toddler, and if we only try to discipline them once and then quit, they will know that they will have won and nothing will change. A lot of parents don't even want to take the time to discipline their kids well, though. It does take time and effort to get the desired result. But if people aren't willing to put in the effort and the time, then they shouldn't really be surprised when we get undisciplined government and undisciplined children. We get what we accept.

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