I would give my life to ensure that my kids never live as slaves to the government. I want them to know freedom. I want them to know what freedom looks like and how it feels. I want them to taste it on their tongues and to smell it in the air. I want them to hear the bell of liberty ring for their kids and grandkids.

But the sad fact is that the world is a worse place now for my teenage boys than it was for me when I was their age

The woman in The Gateway Pundit article linked to at the bottom of this page is seeking to hold people accountable. She is running to hold the office of attorney general in Wisconsin, and I am running for AG in Nebraska. It does not require a law degree to run for AG in Nebraska. I do not have a law degree, but I have the good sense to know right from wrong, and the courage to act when I see wrong being done and rights being violated. This Wisconsin candidate is an attorney, and if I am elected to the office of AG, I will be seeking, just like this woman in Wisconsin, to hold people accountable for the atrocities that have been committed against the people by many within our very own government. 

As someone who has personally been failed by our government at every level (they aren't listening!), I seek to restore a voice to the people of Nebraska who feel as ignored by their government as I do. I don't think they've forgotten us. I think it's more sinister than that. They know we are here, and they consider us a nuisance. The "nuisance" that our government sought to eliminate during the "plandemic" wasn't a virus. It was us.

I do not want to be AG. I do not want to be in the sickening world of politics. (Where they, quite literally, seem to want to remove people like me from society.) But no one in our government is representing me, and no one is saying the COMMON SENSE things that I think need to be said. No one is defending our rights. Instead, we are being tread and trampled upon. So when I say that I do not want the job, it is not because I am not serious about running. I am as serious as they come, and it is ONLY a sense of duty that calls me to serve. 

Common sense tells me that we don't exist in a bubble, and to protect the future of my own kids, then that means protecting the future of us all. Our elected Republicans currently serving in office seem to think that they do exist in a bubble, separate and apart from the rest of us. They seem to be looking after their own interests rather than looking after the interests of those whom they asked to represent. What they are too foolish to realize is that we ALL have targets on our backs. The spineless Republicans who have failed to defend your rights will one day find themselves targeted too.

A vote for me is a middle finger to all of the condescending elitists who think that you don't deserve to have a voice. Hell, they think many of us are expendable. The establishment has told me that a candidate like me has no chance in hell of winning a state race because I am accepting no donations to run my campaign. Help me prove them wrong. Help me show them that people matter more than money. Money doesn't drive my campaign. Faith does. My campaign runs on mustard seed faith, and I hope to serve as an example of what can be accomplished when we rely upon our faith in God (demonstrated through actual EFFORT) rather than on money to guide us.  

I would consider it a privilege and a tremendous responsibility to represent the people of Nebraska, and I would be grateful to receive your vote in the primary on May 10th

Jennifer Hicks 

Candidate for Nebraska Attorney General

(The Common Sense Candidate)


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