By Jennifer Hicks


Let’s demand election integrity BEFORE the primary.

I would like to take a moment to clarify some things. I have been a supporter of the Voter Accuracy Project by sharing with them information I have compiled, by referring to them people who have even better information than I do, and by promoting their presentations because I believe that the push to get people actively involved in fighting for election integrity is vital in determining whether or not we will go forward as free people or as slaves to a government in which we no longer have a vote and a voice. But what I would like to make clear is that I strongly disagree that the approach offered by the Voter Accuracy Project is the best one for us to be pursuing.

I have—and still do—support any and all measures that are being offered as ways to restore election integrity, so please do not read this as a rejection of what it is they are trying to pursue. It isn’t. But I do see some significant obstacles in place with the path that they are taking, and I believe that we have a better path forward regarding elections in our state. I have taken my ideas to Larry and Stan who are leading the Voter Accuracy Project, and I was disappointed that they were not at all interested in trying to get anything done before the primary election in May. As I said, I have my own reservations about the plan that they propose, but I am still supporting it nonetheless, because we MUST have election integrity restored, so I was disappointed that they would not also support what I was suggesting, even if they thought it was a long shot. (I think that what they are proposing is a long shot, too, but I still support the effort.)

So what are the details of all of this? Well, those who have seen the presentation being given by the Voter Accuracy Project know that what they are hoping to do is to propose an initiative (a petition) which, if enough signatures are collected, would put it on the ballot in the 2022 general election for voters to decide. The goal of the initiative is to undo all elections and any official actions taken by those elected, all the way back through the November 2020 election. I’d be all for that if I thought it would work. And, despite my concerns about the obstacles that I believe such an endeavor will face, I still support giving it a go. I’d ask, “What the hell do we have to lose?” but I know exactly what it is we stand to lose if we do not restore election integrity, and so I will support any measures taken with that end goal in mind.

My concerns are that the initiative approach to restoring election integrity is one that seeks to find a solution within the problem itself. The success of the initiative depends upon us having an election process that can be relied upon. If the presidency of the United States can be stolen via an election process, then why would anyone think that a corrupt system of government would permit an initiative to pass that would strip it of its power? How can we pin our hopes upon using a broken election process—governed by corruption—to provide us with a solution to an election process governed by corruption? Given the obstacles and pushback from a government that does NOT want to see nor participate in their own undoing, I fear that the initiative approach to restoring election integrity would not deliver results to us soon enough (if ever). I believe that time is of the essence and that we cannot afford to delay taking any and all action necessary to secure our elections BEFORE the primary in May.

What I have proposed to the Voter Accuracy Project, and what I have tried to get them to take up and to help me promote, is that I believe we DO have an opportunity to bring integrity and transparency to our elections BEFORE the primary in May. I believe that the contract that the State of Nebraska has made with ES&S is one that contains within it terms to which no voter in their right mind would have ever agreed, and which I believe impede our constitutional right to a free election. The non-disclosure agreements that it requires leaves no option for the public to know if their vote is being counted as it was cast. Even if the state discovers insecurities in the services that ES&S provides, the contract binds them to silence!

There is no way in hell that is constitutional. If it is, then let’s have AG Peterson explain to us why Nebraskans should be forced to abide such terms. And if it is not, then let’s demand that Secretary of State Evnen bring an immediate end to the contract and put in place measures to conduct our primary election using only paper ballots and no machines. I can’t imagine they would want to pursue amending the terms of the contract, because to do so would allow us the access to that which they clearly do not want us to see. So the only real solution, I think, is to end the contract before the primary in May.

We need to call on our governor and our senators to call on our AG to call on Secretary of State Evnen to cancel the contract, and we need to have only paper voting (no machines) by the time of our next primary.

If they don't address the constitutionality of this BEFORE the primary, then we will have our answer and we will know that no one in our government gives a damn about the people or their right to voice an opinion in government by way of their vote. So, you see--how our elected officials respond to this gives us our answer. This is how we will know by the time of our next primary whether or not our vote still matters.

I do not believe we should proceed into a primary election without demanding that our elected officials address the concerns about the constitutionality of the ES&S contract. The terms of the contract appear to impede upon our constitutional right to a free election. What does it mean if our elected officials ignore concerns about the constitutionality of our elections?

If you agree with me, then please ask the Voter Accuracy Project to please support pursuing this option as well.

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