By Elina Newman

As a conservative independent candidate, I align with the Republican Party on my conservative stances although I am not a registered Republican. I have many personal reasons for this. I have prayed about this, and at this point, believe that I need to stay as a conservative independent candidate.  

What I found on my last campaign is that many are disenchanted. So, there are many conservatives like me who, at one point or another, believed and felt or continue to believe and feel like they don’t belong because they didn’t label themselves as a Republican even though strong conservatives values should bind us regardless of the “R.” 

As a person running for office, I have, many times, said that people need to look into every candidate. We need to look beyond the R or the D. Otherwise, we will continue to have the issues we have today. 

I have many friends in all parties (Republican, Democrat, Independent, and Libertarian). They know my stance and my position on many issues and choose to respect me for those stances. I am who I am and will continue to be true to who I am as a person not only for my sanity but also for everyone else’s.  

I love the US. I love the Constitution. I AM the American Dream. My family gave up a lot to come here. I spent 10 years of my life on my knees; I will not do it anymore. My goal is to make sure that no one does either.

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