Trump hasn't been honest with us about the virus and the vaccines. It's a fact. Perhaps he is just clueless and still doesn't know. I listened to Trump's rally speech today, hoping to hear him finally speak about why he made the decisions he did in 2020 in response to the virus. The only time during today's rally that I heard him speak about the response to the plandemic attack on our nation was a brief reference in which he touted the ventilators!


Do a quick search online (plenty of articles on The Epoch Times about it) and you will see that the ventilators were an epic failure, leading many to die unnecessarily due to having contracted bacterial pneumonia from ventilators used to treat COVID. The plandemic attack was the most consequential event to have taken place in our nation in my lifetime. The decisions made that year resulted in great harm to our nation, and the only thing that Trump had to say today about such an attack is that he thinks he doesn't get the credit he deserves for the ventilators?

Don't say that he didn't know then what he knows know, for Trump speaks now as if he STILL doesn't know that the ventilators were an expensive mistake that cost a lot more than just money. I can accept that he might not have known then that they would result in harm to people. What I can NOT accept is that he would still, TODAY, speak of them as if they were not a mistake. 

If this is supposed to be the guy who's standing between us and them, then I don't like our odds.

The rally that I'm referring to in the video was the Trump rally held today (7/7/23) in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Here is another video that someone recently shared with me. Dr. Ruby raises similar concerns as those I have been pointing to for months regarding Trump's silence now on the campaign trail about the vaccines after having previously boasted so loudly that it was him we should be thanking for "that beautiful shot." 

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