Yes, I know. I talk about election integrity. I talk about it A LOT. Some people have said to me that I can't be a single-issue candidate. You wanna bet? I absolutely can when it comes to ensuring that our U.S. Constitution and our Nebraska State Constitution are upheld to ensure that we still have a vote and a voice in government.  

If you don't already know about The Great Reset, please read this and learn more about it.

This is EXACTLY why securing our elections is my top priority. The current structuring of the election process in our state mirrors perfectly what is described in this issue of Imprimis on The Great Reset. Big Government (which includes both state and federal) is partnered with Big Tech to control our elections, and the role of "we the people" has been reduced to nothing more than theater. We mark our ballots, but it is Big Government and Big Tech who work in collaboration to count the votes. Frankly, if what is written in that Imprimis article doesn't stir you to action (particularly after what we've experienced as a consequence of the November 2020 election), then I don't know what will. 

We already know that we have no real representation by those who are currently in office. Look at what they did. They gave away our country. When they had the opportunity to stand and to fight for it, they bent over and took it from the left. Even when we reached the point of "injection or your job" ultimatums, our elected Republicans did not fight for us. They tacitly joined the side of those who would like to see the U.S.A. become the U.S.S.A. And we are dangerously close to that happening. 

Our vote is our voice in government. Without that, we are not free people. So that is why I don't mind it when people call me a one-issue candidate. My "one issue" is to ensure that we remain free people. Without that, none of the other issues matter one whit. 

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