In this video I explain why I have chosen to #WalkAway from the GOP and to register as a Libertarian.

The truth is, I don't believe that ANY political party holds the answers. I believe that the answers are ONLY to be found in the involvement of the people. If we do not escape from apathy and inaction, then the ideas and core values of ANY party do not matter one whit.

I never sought to be "in politics." Not really. Winning at elected position was never my ultimate goal. My goal has always been to try to push back against the tyranny that I see taking over our state and our nation, and which is leading to the gradual stripping away of our freedoms.

My concerns about the constitutionality of our elections has fallen on the deaf ears of every Republican senator in our state. I became a candidate simply to try to have my voice represented in government, and I learned that the GOP is no place for anyone who is not willing to get cozy with the establishment elite. Big Government and Big Tech are running the show, and no one in the GOP has the balls to push back on them. Or they are all in on it and have no desire to push back. Either way, the GOP has failed us.

I am sick to death of getting the newsletters and the mailers from the GOP, the NEGOP, and from Republican candidates who all point the finger of blame at those darn Democrats. It's all theater. The Democrats play their role, and the Republicans play theirs. It's the biggest scam that ever was. Stop falling for it.

Every problem that the Republicans try to lay at the feet of Democrats is a problem that the Republicans should be held to account for as well. Our elected officials have forgotten that their only job is to secure the rights of the people. Instead of fighting tooth and nail to defend your rights, Republicans in office have acquiesced to those who seek to strip you of your freedom.

Do I believe that the Libertarian Party holds all the answers. Nope. And I think that anyone who seeks answers only within any party is not going to find what they are looking for. I believe that it will only be among people WHO HAVE THE COURAGE to speak and to act as the individuals that they are--and not as part of some hive mind collective--where some answers may be found.

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