You want to know why we have lost our country? (And, yes, until elections are secured, it is indeed lost to us.)

This is why.

If Republicans had the spines and the "give a damn" to fight and rally their troops the way that Democrats do, we wouldn't be where we are right now.

Imagine if elected Republicans had shown this kind of support to the patriots who showed up to our nation's capital (and to capitals all over the country) on January 6, 2020. And imagine if elected Republicans would have been this vocal and outraged at the treatment that many of those patriots have endured since January 6th. That witch hunt of the government upon American citizens continues to this day. And our elections still have yet to be secured. Imagine if Republicans would call for patriots to "take to the streets" to send a message to the tyrants that there will be no more "plandemics" and that we will no longer comply with the will of tyrants.

If you think you are a free person in the United States of America, think again. You aren't. And don't let any recent SCOTUS decision give you false hope that your rights are being secured and protected by the "good ones" in your government. They aren't.

What we are watching play out is no fight for our freedoms. It is theater performed by what has ultimately become a uniparty government of elites that do not fear "we the people." And why should they? We have cowered before them and failed to put up the kind of fight necessary to win back the freedoms that they are gradually stripping away.

Our conservative "leaders" in government are cowards who follow a script written by the left. The cue cards of conservatives in government direct them to bend to the will of their peers in government instead of to that of "we the people."

Why do our elected REPUBLICANS not battle to secure our rights with the same fervor that the left displays in their battle to try to secure their perceived "right" to murder babies in the womb?

But the better question is why have we not recognized this and taken to the streets of our own accord? The closest that we came was on January 6th. And what followed showed that we are a nation that can be cowed into silence and submission by a tyrannical government that tells us "thou shalt not" oppose them in any way or there will be consequences for those who do.

It has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that elected Republicans will do nothing to secure the rights of the people. (And the left is willing to do ANYTHING to get what they want.) The protection of our freedoms must not be outsourced to others. The responsibility is our own. But I think that there are few left with the courage to fight for freedom because to do so often comes at a cost that few are willing to pay, even when that cost is simply to sacrifice some creature comforts. We have become a nation of lazy-ass pussies that are easy to control.

This is what we are up against, folks--people (and granted, most of them are sheep) who are willing to take to the streets and to fight for what they want by any means necessary. If you think that you will beat them by being prim and proper, think again. Toughness must be met with toughness.

If a school bully takes your lunch from you and all you do is cry to someone else to help you, you may or may not get your problem resolved--but you can guarantee that the bully will have it confirmed that you are afraid of him. If instead, even if you are afraid, you punch the bully in the nose, he's a hell of a lot less likely to target you again as a victim. And he will know that, even if you are afraid, you will fight him and will not surrender to him what is yours.

In what was probably the best speech I've ever seen him give, Joe Biden told a story like that once, about confronting a bully. It was a long time ago, and his mom (who has since passed) was in the audience. It was actually a very good speech from him, believe it or not. Look at where he now sits. And look at what is happening to our country. We are losing it to people who know how to fight harder and more effectively than conservatives do.

There is only one way to stop this kind of bullying, and that is to stand up to it. We know our elected Republicans don't have what it takes. But do YOU? Sadly, I think that most do not, for if they did, we would have seen the fight taking place already.

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