We absolutely have no reason to believe that the Republicans currently serving in office are truly any better than the Democrats. I had the opportunity to speak to Congressman Don Bacon on Monday and I asked him point blank why our elected GOP have remained dead silent in the face of the usurpation of our country. He pointed his finger at the Dems without realizing that the very finger with which he points has blood on it as well. Bacon still insists that fraud was not the deciding factor in the November election. When asked if he knew the work of Dr. Douglas Frank (Mike Lindell's guy) or that of Jovan Hutton Pulitzer with regard to the investigations they have done into what took place in our November elections, Bacon said he was unfamiliar with them. I told him he was uninformed. 

Things never should have gotten to the point where we now find ourselves. Biden (and whoever is pulling his strings) should never have had the opportunity to do the things that have been done over these last few months. But the left has been given free reign by elected Republicans who have no spine, no integrity, and perhaps even no soul. They behave as demons when they show no regard for the loss of life that has occurred on THEIR watch. Elected Republicans are every bit as complicit as the Dems because they have remained silent throughout all of it. A silent majority--which was also a frightened and confused majority--looked to elected Republicans to be their voice and to represent them. They have all proven to be cowards. Even those currently running for office who claim to be better options are NOT speaking out against what, without a doubt, has been a takeover of our country by tyrants. Instead, they play their role in a theatrical performance, the script of which was written by the left. 

I received a phone call yesterday from a friend advising me to consult an attorney because it has been made clear that the federal government has placed a target on the backs of those of us who have the courage to speak the truth about what is happening in this country. Our elected Republicans are either cowards or soulless demons. I suspect there may be a mix of both currently serving in office. I am no coward, and I will continue to speak the truth because the only judgement that I fear is that of God. I am ready to answer to God at any time. But make no mistake--I ain't suicidal. 

When we have God, God has us. Yet many of us continue to seek answers in the wrong places. God's favor is not an entitlement. We should expect no protection from God if our eyes are turned away and our gaze is set elsewhere. With God on our side, we can still win this fight and take back the freedoms which we have allowed to be eroded in this country. Yes, we are all culpable for having taken for granted that which is so precious--and I include myself in the blame for it. But we are all worthy of forgiveness if we but ask for it, and we are all invited to set our feet on a new path forward--one of faith and not of fear. The battle taking place in our country is a spiritual one, and it must be fought as such. Take up your greatest weapon in this fight, which is your voice--the voice of TRUTH--and wield it. You will be amazed at the power that it holds. 

I have been told repeatedly by many who believe that their way forward offers the answers and that the only way to win is to get into the muck and to engage in the political gamesmanship that only continues to drag us further downward. I reject that thinking with all my heart. Many defeatists have challenged me and questioned how I could possibly think that a nobody like me could ever have a winning message without money to distribute it and without engaging in the political gamesmanship. My answer to that is that through God all things are possible, and I value people and still believe in the goodness that I know exists in their hearts. I don't just have faith in God and in myself; I have faith in all of you too. If you believe, as I do, that God is the answer (and I acknowledge that your understanding of God doesn't have to be the same as my own), then the only request I would make of you is that you turn your eyes to God and open your mouths and loudly speak the TRUTH to all who will listen. We must become our own representatives of our ONE NATION UNDER GOD, for those whom we have elected to serve us have failed.

* This commentary was originally posted on Facebook on 9/15/21


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