It is all intertwined. All of it. CSE and CRT. Mask and vaccine mandates. It's all about social control. And by design, too--for the purposes of destroying us.

It has taken them years to condition us to the point where we are at now. But we do not have years to undo it. The window of time we have in which to turn our country around is so very small by comparison.

That is why the time is NOW for you to get involved and SPEAK UP. A silent majority holds no power. No matter how many of us there may be, we have no power if we do not CLAIM it. Knowing that you have power, but failing to claim it and use it is a forfeiting of power. Let's not do that.

Take up your greatest weapon in this fight, which is your voice--the voice of TRUTH--and wield it.

Jennifer Hicks
Candidate for Nebraska Attorney General

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