By Jennifer Hicks

The gatekeepers of our elections are the ones telling us to trust them that everything is secure.

The people who are represented by groups who signed this letter back in November 2020, telling us that "The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history," have some explaining to do. That would include our Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen (who is a member of the National Association of Secretaries of State) and Nebraska Deputy Secretary of State Wayne Bena (who is a member of the National Association of State Election Directors). Both of those organizations signed the joint statement claiming that the November 2020 election was "the most secure in American history." 

We know that the joint statement put out by those groups is not true. There were MANY problems with November 2020 election, and yet our state officials who are tasked to provide oversight of the conduct of our elections continue to claim that our elections in Nebraska are on the level. They won't show us why they hold such confidence in our elections. Instead, they simply say, "trust us." 

That is concerning, especially in light of the fact that we KNOW that our Secretary of State and our Deputy Secretary of State in Nebraska CANNOT be trusted to give us factual information when it comes to our elections. You may find proof of that here:

And did you notice who else is represented in that joint statement assuring us that "There is no evidence that any voting system...was in any way compromised?" Yep, Election Systems and Software (ES&S), the company who manages the voting system in our state is represented on that letter alongside the organizations of which our Secretary of State and our Deputy Secretary of State are members. 

I attended a presentation by Larry Ortega of the Voter Accuracy Project last night. Larry said that Secretary of State Evnen always finds ways to discredit and dispel all of the concerns that are brought to him. Why is that? Why would Evnen (a man whose name will be on the ballot!) take the side of defending ES&S? Why does he not put first the concerns of those who elected him to protect their right to a fair election? We are not being represented well (or at all, really) by those whose job it is to defend our rights. 

The icing on the cake from that joint statement that these groups issued back in November 2020 is that they wrap up the letter by telling Americans just exactly who the "trusted voices" are when it comes to election integrity. And guess who it is they tell you to trust? THEM! "When you have questions turn to elections officials as trusted voices as they administer elections." They are telling us that the "trusted voices" on the security of our elections are the ones who are responsible for conducting those elections. If you really want to see the propaganda that our government is putting out to tell us who the "trusted voices" on both elections and COVID-19 are, then just take a look at the disinformation "toolkits" put out by the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (an agency of the Department of Homeland Security). And then take another look at that joint statement. CISA signed on to it too. They are among those assuring us that they are the "trusted voices" and that our elections have never been more secure.

See the problem? 

And the following op-ed written by General Flynn in August 2021 points to exactly why we should have concerns that the Department of Homeland Security handles the oversight of the cybersecurity of our elections. The fox is watching the hen house, and significant efforts are being made to control the narrative of just exactly who the "trusted voices" are.

I've highlighted some of the things which I think should be most concerning. These are things that the public needs to know. "We the people" are the ones who grant power to the government. We give our consent when we collectively agree on what "the rules" are which we will abide by. But we cannot give informed consent (to elections, to COVID-19 measures, or to anything else) when the narrative is fueled by propaganda from our government.  

Below are some more links which I either reference in the above video or which I think might provide some more useful information on this topic. 

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