If you understand what The Great Reset is, and partnerships of power that the implementation of it depends upon, you will see the degree to which The Great Reset is reflected in the structuring of our elections.

Once you see the parallels, you will see how dangerously close we are to losing our freedom. Our vote is our voice in government, and our elections are no longer in our control. Big Government (which includes both state and federal levels) collaborates with Big Tech to control our elections. "We the People" have been cut out of the process completely.

When it comes to our vote and our voice in government, we are left with nothing. Are you happy about that?

I believe that we must get LOUD with our senators who perhaps do not realize the gravity of the situation. We must not allow them to make excuses and we must not permit them to kick the can down the road, because if we don't address this now--BEFORE the primary election in May--then I fear that the circumstances will become such that we will not have a future that will allow us to try to fix the problem at a later date.

I hope I am wrong. But should we chance it? Or should we alert our senators--and perhaps even also our governor, as this is very much an emergency, I think--that "we the people" demand to know that our next election in May will be secure. The way that we secure it is by getting ES&S out of our elections entirely, for it is the partnerships of ES&S, with both state and federal government, that mark the point at which "we the people" have been cut out of our elections.

I tried to keep the video short, but that means that there may be some context info that people need who have not seen or heard it before. This link gives more info (with links and evidence) to support what I am saying in this video.


And here are letters you can send to your state senator and to our AG:


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