Where have all the good men gone? Some of the best of them among us are imprisoned by our own government. 

And what have we done about it?

If you are not familiar with who Jeremy Brown is, you should be. He is a good and courageous man who has been wronged by our government. Unfortunately, he is but one of many patriots who has been made a target of our government. Whether you choose to donate or not, you can learn more about him at the GiveSendGo website that has been set up to assist him with his legal defense.

If history books of the future are written by the good guys (and that all remains to be seen), then Jeremy Brown will be remembered as the hero that he is. But whether or not the "good guys" win depends largely on US.


"Don't do nothing." That is what Jeremy Brown has begged of Americans--every bit as much for our own sake as for his. Please "do something" by sharing his story, for his is a voice that our government seeks to snuff out--and, as Jeremy warns us in this video--they are coming for YOU next. 

The full episode can be viewed at the JeremyBrownCampaign on Rumble: https://rumble.com/v2t4bqe-episode-13-promo-130.html

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