To what (or to whom) are you pledging your allegiance? I realize that there is a lot more to unpack than what I briefly touch upon in the video below, but I think that what is taking place in our nation right now merits asking the question of whether our loyalty lies more in the idea of saving Trump than it does in saving America. 

To be clear, my commentary is focused on Trump and holding HIM to account, but I only mean to focus on him as the example, because that is where most people have set their gaze. The truth is that there are MANY besides Trump who also need to be held to account; and those who understand the point that I am trying to make will also see that I am calling upon US to be held to account as well for our own failures. 

I don't think that what we are doing is smart. What is that quote that is often attributed to Einstein--something about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? We continue to do the same things over and over again when we fail to go to the heart of the matter and to truly examine the ways that those on the left are keeping us locked into THEIR system and playing by THEIR rules. I believe that continuing to do that is the reason that we never see anyone held to account. It seems to me that those on the left know exactly how to keep us under their control by "triggering" us with accusations against Trump. I think they know that Trump's response to their attacks on him will assist them in their efforts to keep everyone playing by THEIR rules. 

How many rounds of this is it going to take before we wise up and respond differently? We've been on the same path for YEARS. We need to be more honest than we have been. We are having the very same discussions today--largely, with many of the same culprits--as we were having even prior to the election of Trump in 2016. Trump promised that he would "drain the swamp" and hold people to account. But he didn't do it. Instead, Trump has continued to reward those who are known to be bad actors. He let Hillary off the hook. He kept Comey (who also let Hillary off the hook) on as his FBI Director--and look how well that worked out for us. There is a lot of evidence (which I have discussed often in other articles and videos) which would suggest that Trump hasn't learned his lesson and would still--to this day--not hold people to account as he promises he will. On what, besides Trump's own assurances--which he failed to live up to after being elected in 2016--are we basing this belief that Trump is somehow the only one (the "chosen one," to some) who can "drain the swamp?" 

To be sure, when Trump is good he is very, very good; but when he is bad he is horrid. Trump's demand for "loyalty" from those whom he believes he has helped should be a red flag to us, for such demands have nothing whatsoever to do with "Making America Great Again." Why should we not also believe that Trump expects the same kind of loyalty from US as he does from those in politics whom he speaks nastily of if they fail in their faithfulness to him? And why should we give him our loyalty when he doesn't even respect us enough to speak the truth to us about the true nature of the plandemic with regard to the threat that the virus posed and the safety and efficacy of "that beautiful shot?"

I'm attaching a video below that I hope will help to clarify the point that I'm trying to make about why it is that I think we need to change our perspective on what it means to put up a real fight. Maria Bartiromo says in this clip that "This isn't about Trump." It shouldn't be. But we aren't responding as if it isn't. Bartiromo also seems taken aback by how those on the left don't even try to hide their hypocrisy, but instead revel in it and put it on full display. And why shouldn't they? We have shown them time and time again that we will let them do it, with no real consequences other than a wagging of a finger and an incessant chorus of whining, which I think must only sound as music to the ears of those who know that it means that they are still the ones establishing the rules of the game. If you think the rules of the game have anything to do with the Constitution anymore, then I think you are delusional. Our nation abandoned that long ago and we are only fooling ourselves when we pretend otherwise. 

It is interesting that it is said in this clip that the left doesn't even seem to recognize their own hypocrisy. I think they are well aware of it and that the joke is on us. I think that they are well aware of the fact that conservatives are the ones who are not truly aware of their own hypocrisy. We aren't being smart when we simultaneously complain that our elections have been stolen from us, and yet--as is stated multiple times in this clip from Fox--we continue to think that the answers to restoring justice are to be found in electing the right people. We are fools to rely upon our corrupt election system to work for us. And, yet, that IS the dominant and conflicting narrative that we have been adhering to for at least as long as shortly after January 2021, when we chose to accept the fraud and started sporting our "Trump 2024" merch. Don't think for one second that doing so didn't send a clear message to the left that we had accepted the fraud and would move on from it. That is exactly what we did. And we still have not learned our lesson, it seems, for it isn't just on Fox News that these narratives are to be found. The idea that the answers lie in electing the right people permeate ALL conservative media sources, both mainstream and alternative. 

There is also a lot of hypocrisy in our calls for the two-tiered system of justice to be abolished, when we are adhering to our own two-tiered systems of only wishing to see those on the OTHER side of the aisle to be held to account. If we truly wish to see justice restored, then we cannot continue to make excuses for the FACT that Trump is, to this very day, not being honest with us when he speaks about the virus and the vaccines. The disconnect of narratives among Trump's supporters regarding the insistence from many that the vaccines are "death jabs" is entirely inconsistent with Trump's own assertion that the virus was so deadly as to have warranted the fast-tracking of "that beautiful shot" that he used to boast so loudly that he was "the father of." But he has since gone silent on that topic. I wonder why. And I wonder even more why those who still support Trump are so willing to make excuses for his botched plandemic response and his silence now on the vaccines after previously claiming full credit for their existence. 

There has been a lot of attention given by many lately to Solzhehenitsyn's essay, "Live Not By Lies." In that essay,  Solzhehenitsyn warns us to "Never knowingly support lies!" But isn't that what we are doing when we live by the false narratives that don't permit us to see that it is a fool's errand that we undertake when we pretend that we can find fairness and truth where it does not reside? Our nation doesn't just have an election integrity problem. We have an integrity problem.  We often make fun of those on the left, thinking them to be idiots for being so blatantly hypocritical in their actions and in their policies, but I think that many of them know exactly what they are doing. And we fall for it every time. It was the left who taught us to live by inconsistent narratives which keep us stagnant and locked in confusion. When will we stop parading around as sheep in lion's clothing? When will we get smart enough to stop playing by the rules of the left? 

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