I feel sick. 

I wonder if politicians keep track of their wins the same way our political prisoners mark the days they wrongly spend behind bars at the hands of our government.

I just watched a video from Congresswoman Kat Cammack assuring Americans that "we have all of the accountability measures built in" to the  negotiations that were made for McCarthy to become Speaker of the House. She spoke of all of the "conservative wins" that were secured. She also spoke of this being some sort of personal vendetta from (I presume) Congressman Gaetz. I cannot possibly know what was motivating Gaetz or others, but I know that what they did took courage and I know firsthand that when you stand up to wrongdoing in our government, the pushback and hate (possibly threats as well) that you are met with from our government are hard to bear. 

I don't care what the motivations of Gaetz or the others was, because their fight was the right thing for Americans. If people like Cammack cannot see that, then THEY are the ones who made this personal. I saw Congressman Dan Crenshaw pop into the background of Congresswoman Cammack's video and wave. Forgive me if I don't consider it a "conservative win" when the battle is won by those who call the few who stand up to tyrants "terrorists" and "insurrectionists." The shame of them obtaining that win on January 6 is a slap in the face to those PATRIOTS who are being held as political prisoners by our government. The SHAME. 

Congressman Crenshaw called the holdouts to McCarthy "terrorists." Political prisoner Jeremy Brown called them "warriors."  Remember those January 6 political prisoners before you cheer on a win that went to people who think that those who stand up and challenge a tyrannical government are "terrorists."  This is not what winning looks like. And God will not be restored to our country until accountability is.

The video below is one which I have shared in the past. A rejection of accountability is a rejection of God.

Accountability, God, and the Importance of a Strong Foundation

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