Pay attention, folks. THIS is why our congressmen and congresswomen absolutely MUST hold the line and not give in to corrupt Kevin McCarthy.

We owe it to those PATRIOTS who have been wrongly imprisoned and persecuted by our government to continue to encourage those in the House to hold the line. And we owe it to ourselves and to the future that we will leave behind for our kids to put ceaseless pressure upon our representatives to hold the line.


The full video with Jeremy Brown can be viewed here on The Gateway Pundit. It is noted by the interviewers that these comments praising those who are holding the line against McCarthy were the FIRST thing that Jeremy Brown chose to speak about. Do not underestimate the importance of what it is that these brave representatives in the House are doing. They are staging the intervention that our country has needed for a long time now. Please support our WARRIORS in the House and please support Jeremy Brown and other political prisoners of our government.

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