This video is my response to the recent leak shared by Project Veritas of an FBI document of symbols and phrases which might indicate a person was involved in domestic terrorism as a violent extremist. Some of it is tongue-in-cheek, and there is even a bit of chest-thumping directed toward the FBI, but the underlying message is that we should not allow our government to bully us in this way.

The caveat in the leaked FBI document claiming that not EVERYONE who wears these symbols is a potential violent extremist means squat when there is NOTHING on this leaked list about the potential dangers of those sporting symbols of BLM. This list of symbols and phrases to watch for which might indicate that one is a violent extremist are exclusive to those used predominantly by patriots who are not afraid to proclaim that the Second Amendment is a God-given, self-evident right that our U.S. Constitution acknowledges and (when it is upheld) serves to protect.

You can get the shirts in this video at The sellers are good people whom I met at a gun show in Beatrice. I hope they don't mind me mentioning them in this video. :)

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