I prefer to share my thoughts in writing rather than through videos, but I made this video to provide some commentary on several of the things I have been writing about on the Voices of Nebraska website. I don't think you necessarily have to read those articles, but you will definitely have a better understanding of my commentary in this video if you do--particularly with regard to what it is I mean when I talk about "nature vs nurture." I don't actually talk about it using that phrase in my writing, and I know I'm speaking of it in a different context than the phrase is customarily used, but what I am referencing has to do with my concerns about what it is that has shaped our behaviors as a society. (Nurturing socialism/communism is not a good thing, but our educational system has been doing it for decades--and, in many ways, so has our government.) So if you need context or want more information, you can find those articles on my website.

I expect that there will be some people who won't like some of the things that I say in this video. We not only need accountability from our elected officials, but we also must demand accountability from ourselves. I don't call upon others to question their accountability to themselves in ways that I have not questioned my own.

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