Why the hell hasn't this collusion between Big Government and Big Tech been front and center in the pursuit of election integrity? 


I really don't understand why it seems that we keep dancing around the root cause of the vulnerabilities with our elections.


That far left groups have held collaborations and partnerships with our government regarding our elections is NOT breaking news. Aren't we fools to pretend that it is? Shouldn't we, by now, just be saying, (nay, screaming) "ENOUGH ALREADY!?" 

Our own .gov websites boast about this very definite intrusion of the federal government into our state elections. They don't even try to hide it. If it is problematic for Zuckerberg money to be dumped into our elections, then it should also be obvious that it should be problematic that Facebook/Meta and all other Big Tech corporations are corporate affiliates (literally) of our Secretaries of State across the nation. Undue influence much? And the collusion with Facebook/Meta is just the tip of the iceberg. 

And how silly was it that people got all in a tizzy over the announcement of a "Disinformation Governance Board" when they didn't even realize that the very thing already existed?! It was already there on the CISA .gov websites. The only thing that was new was that it was given a name that brought attention to it and scared people.

You should be scared. It was there before and it hasn't gone away. And the Department of Homeland Security (of which CISA is a part) warns you in their bulletins that those of us who question the outcome of elections (ahem, that would be me--because there is no outside oversight whatsoever), well--we might be domestic terrorists. 

I'm not. 

And nothing pisses me off more than being labeled as something that I am not.

Securing our elections should have begun with removing the root of this alliance of Big Government and Big Tech in our state elections. The focus first should have been on removing the use of the machines. 

As the nationwide leaders (the well-known names) have been focused on exposing the fraud, they have failed to take into account that we really had all the evidence we needed LONG ago. To me, it's no different than when we go face to face with those who want to impose mask mandates. The problem isn't that we need to find "just one more" piece of evidence in order to convince them that what they are doing is wrong. The facts and the evidence don't matter to them. And part of the problem is that those to whom we are presenting the evidence are IN ON IT. That is why we have to expose the collusion between Big Government and Big Tech with regard to our elections. 

We should have prioritized getting rid of the machines first. Failing to do that is akin to staring at a crack in a dam and surmising all of the ways that the crack got there rather than focusing on stopping up the source of the leak. As we continue to search for "just one more" piece of evidence of fraud (and I doubt that all of it will ever come to light, for the scope of it is so grand), the corruption continues to flow. We never should have permitted our primary elections to take place using the machines. Never.

I'm so freaking tired of the tail chasing. I am so frustrated that those leading the so-called fight for election integrity (we aren't fighting very wisely, if you ask me) just don't understand the true urgency of what it means that we have not secured our elections yet. People are fools to think that primary elections "didn't count" or something. Being the first elections held since the November 2020 elections, the primary elections were pivotal, and since no one paid attention to fixing things BEFORE the primary, we are in for a world of hurt in our state (and also in our nation). 

But this is so much bigger than the outcome of any particular race. Or even of a few races here and there. It's about a level of federal overreach that we have permitted to continue and it is about our government using fear tactics and threats to keep us silent.

Fuck them. 

I will not be silent. But I'm also getting quite exhausted at trying to sound an alarm that many have not yet grown uncomfortable enough to heed. We the people only have power when we seize that which is rightfully ours. Many have chosen to willingly surrender it. 

When groups "fighting" for election integrity say that "Voter Fraud will be exposed by November," all I can do is sigh. We are on a hamster wheel on so many different issues in our country. Elections should be the issue that takes top priority, but we are also spinning our wheels when it comes to how Americans have been so complacent with regard to COVID measures that have been taken as well. And with regard to corruption from the Clintons and Bidens. Hunter's laptop. None of these things should be taking so long to address. 

Too many people are relying upon lawfare to fight election fraud, medical freedom issues, and abuses of governmental authority. But what people are not seeing is that we aren't going to get solutions to our problems that way. The system is a two-tiered one in which Justice is not blind. It's a crap shoot, and trying to find those who still adhere to the rule of law in our government is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

I used to have faith in people to fight to protect their own freedom, but from what I have seen, people have grown far too complacent and dependent. We are not independent people anymore. We are always looking to others--to someone else--to see what THEY will do and how THEY are going to fix things. And that is why we are not free. We are granting permission to crooked and corrupt politicians because it is the easier thing to do. To do otherwise would disrupt our comfort. It would require effort. It might even be hard. And many do not seem to understand that, whether we fight for our freedom or not, our comfort is at risk no matter what. It's not a matter of "if," but "when." One day, we will wake up and realize that we have nothing. And we will not be happy about it. But by then, it will be too late. Complying with the will of tyrants might postpone the inevitable discomfort, but it will not make it go away.

There is no longer a system of checks and balances in our government. Our three branches have morphed into one, and they protect each other and NOT us. So how can we win back our country through lawfare? It clearly isn't working. If it did, we wouldn't be where we are right now. And yet, the solutions that keep getting proposed, over and over, are that people should just sue. You cannot sue your way back to freedom, and thinking that we can win within a corrupted system just doesn't make sense to me. 

We have a two-tiered system of justice and we have a tyrannical government that holds no regard for the Constitution. To me, it's not any different than playing the odds at a casino. Enough people win to keep people hopeful and coming back. But ultimately, it's the house that always wins. (And consider that, if either Democrats or Republicans ever were to truly fix anything, then what, pray tell, would they fundraise on? They know exactly what they are doing.)

I know that sounds dismal. But I have literally pleaded with people all across our state to stop outsourcing the protection of their freedom to those who are not on their side. And there are MANY "conservative" politicians who are either corrupt, or just lazy and seeking to "go along to get along" so as to try to maintain their own comforts. People should be very concerned, not only where we are headed, but where we are RIGHT NOW.

We have already lost our country. It isn't ours right now, and it won't be given back to us without a fight. BUT...how do we fight and win when the battle field is on the turf of the tyrants? The turf of the battle field *should* be ours, but we have failed to claim it as our own. We fight like victims.  

I think that the only way we can truly win is to get people to stop accepting bad behavior from government. WE aren't holding them accountable, so they have no reason to stop doing what they are doing. And the sad truth is that people love the drama. They are addicted to it, content to be spectators and never active participants. It is indeed theater, and all the world's a stage. Some people just haven't figured out that you either choose the role that you will play--or someone else will choose it for you.

And this is just a fraction of the collusion.


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