Wow. I guess Facebook isn't the only place that censors. I just got banned from the NAGO Telegram chat for sharing the message at this link:

I would think that a group that is against government overreach would not seek to suppress such a message. I permit information to be shared in the Political Rumble Forum Facebook group even when the message is not one which I would personally endorse. I think it is important to allow people to have access to ALL of the information available so that they may make an INFORMED decision. I trust that people can make up their own minds and I do not consider any information so "dangerous" that others require me to shield and protect them from it.

I also find it a bit ironic that Allie French advocates for people to have access to all of the information possible so that they may make informed decisions about their health. So why not apply the same transparency to politics, especially when the medical freedom issues are the result of bad actors in government?

Allie French has called me dangerous. (So do many in the GOP.) If transparency and access to information is dangerous, then consider me lethal. 

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