In so many ways this isn't just a threat looming on the horizon. It is one that is already here. Our once strong nation is quite sick, and the diagnosis could be a terminal one. Like a cancer, spots of socialism/communism have taken hold in our culture and are metastasizing at a relatively rapid rate. The ultimate consequences of what has taken hold may not yet be apparent, but without a change on our part, and without an intervention on the part of the people, I do not believe that we will get our country back.

That means it will take a fight. Effort. Involvement. Awareness. It isn't just going to go away. 

The seeds of the cultural revolution that Lily Tang Williams says that she sees growing in our country have been nurtured for decades and have taken root, right under our noses and even with our help and our consent, as we have gone along with a gradual re-education (of both children and adults) which has primed us to be subjects of a government that determines for us what our place in the world will be. 

Please take the time to watch the whole interview, if you can. Here are a few clips.

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