In other video clips (not these), Harari has spoken of how technology is replacing (or has already replaced) God in the lives of many. I think he isn't wrong. 

Let me ask you this--If people, the majority of whom have become dependent upon technology, were asked to choose between technology and God, which do you think people would choose? I fear that many would find excuses to justify their turning away from God for the sake of embracing their addiction to technology. It's easy to say that you would never do that, but I believe that if a true choice had to be made (and not a hypothetical one), for many people the addiction to technology would win out. 

Human beings are so easily manipulated and that is why those who understand our vulnerabilities know that by collecting information about our free will choices, they can manipulate us into choosing as they would will us. As Harari says, it is now capable to hack human beings. 

Many have been hacked and don't even realize it. We have been offered the drug of technology which promises to entertain us and to simplify our lives through the conveniences that it offers. It promises to make us feel empowered; however, the truth is that it weakens us. Many people eagerly await the next episode of daily theater that technology delivers, and they don't even realize that they are addicted to it. Dependent on it. The speed with which technology permits information to be shared--and the ability of anyone to put information out there--means that no one has to wait long to get their next fix to satisfy their need to know what is going to happen next in the soap opera. These are the days of our lives. And we have become spectators and consumers rather than participants and producers.

**These are three separate short clips. The entire video is worth taking the time to watch, if you have the time.

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