I think it is a big mistake and an error in judgment for anyone to endorse a presidential candidate this early. Hell, we don't even know what all of our options are going to be. 

I think we should raise the bar to the level of insisting that whoever becomes the nominee for the conservative side is at least willing to acknowledge that the fear porn of COVID-19 was nothing more than a planned scam to subvert our nation. How the hell could Trump ever be an effective opponent to those who were behind such an overthrow of our government (assuming that he wasn't part of it himself) if he doesn't even acknowledge the truth about how it was done? 

To those who keep asking me why I am "attacking" President Trump instead of Democrats or Fauci and the many countless others who are also guilty of wrongdoing, the answer is simple. First of all, as a conservative who has no intention of ever voting for any Democrat candidates, I have no need to vet them for the office of POTUS in 2024. But Trump is asking to once again hold the highest elected position in our country, and any responsible conservative voter SHOULD be vetting him. As I've pointed to in previous posts, there are a lot of questions that those who still have the ability to think critically should be asking. And secondly, expecting Trump to answer questions does not equate to any absolution of the wrongs of Fauci and others. 

To the contrary, in fact, for I absolutely DO want to see all of those involved in the handling of the plandemic brought to justice. That is why it is especially important to me to do my due diligence to ensure that whoever gets my vote is going to be someone who 1) would be eager to see Fauci brought to justice, and 2) can acknowledge the truth about the fear porn year of COVID-19, which is that the reaction and the "cure" was always worse than any threat ever posed to us by a virus with an incredibly low fatality rate. Trump has indicated that he is NOT eager to see Fauci prosecuted, AND Trump--despite being truthful about the true fatality rate of the virus when he spoke about it in February 2020--has since that time peddled the story that HIS vaccine has saved millions and millions of lives.

I'll ask again the question I asked above: How the hell could Trump ever be an effective opponent to those who were behind such an overthrow of our government (assuming that he wasn't part of it himself) if he doesn't even acknowledge the truth about how it was done? 

Shouldn't we want to ensure that we are seeking out a leader who has the integrity to answer HONESTLY to the decisions he made and who isn't trying to rewrite history in order to avoid admitting that mistakes were made? I assume that might be the reason why Trump has not been honest when he speaks about the vaccine and the severity of the threat that the virus posed. The alternatives to that explanation are not ones which would recommend him either, though, for the only other explanations I can fathom are that he might be in on the scam, or that he truly does believe his own lies. Regardless of the reasons for why Trump hasn't been honest with us, there isn't any good reason to continue to trust his judgment going forward. 

And any senator getting on board the "Trump train" before knowing what all of the other possible options are is also showing poor judgment. What are they thinking?? This train WILL derail, for other candidates will enter the race and eventually Trump WILL have to answer the tough questions that many of his supporters have permitted him to avoid. Not that I think that my vote in the 2024 election will even count, but if we are going to continue with the theater of it all, then I do hope that whoever becomes our next president is someone who does a good job. Those who are still aboard the "Trump train" are doing Trump no favors when they fail to fortify him as a candidate by putting the tough questions to him now. The longer he waits to put off addressing this, the more it will hurt him in the long run. He'd be a hell of a lot better off-and would come across as a lot more trustworthy--if he would speak honestly about his plandemic response now rather than to be made to do it later when pressed by an opponent. If he is the right guy for the job, he won't shy away from questions--and anyone who truly believes in Making America Great Again shouldn't want him to. 

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