I'm tired y'all. I don't know how many times I've written some version of the reply below to those who have accused me of being a "Trump hater" and who have asked me why I am suddenly "attacking" Trump. I've even been accused of doing it for the "clicks," which is laughable. God knows that the stuff that people would rather click on is the stuff they want to hear, so if I were doing it for that reason, the joke would be on me. And for the record, I have never collected a single penny from anyone for any of my efforts. Not from Rumble, not from Nebraskans when I was a candidate, not from anything. I do this entirely because I fear for the direction our country has taken. I believe that our country is the farthest from God right now than it has even been in my lifetime. So rather than continue to regurgitate the same explanation over and over again, I'm just going to share here one of the recent responses I have given to those who have asked why I am "attacking" Trump. 

I have shifted my focus from election integrity lately because I think we have an even bigger problem. We have an integrity problem. So, while I wish that I could continue to focus on election integrity and restoring a voice to the people, election integrity will never be restored until integrity and truth once again mean something.

Many conservatives are now believing a rewriting of history about Trump that simply isn't true. I'm not trying to attack Trump, as many have claimed. I'm trying to attack the lies that people are being fed by propaganda narratives that have convinced them that things in the past occurred differently than they did, or that things in the future are knowable that aren't (unless you are a fortune teller). I call those types of videos propaganda because they often contain equal parts truth and lies. The most effective propaganda always does. Anyone who watches--with eyes and mind wide open--my recent videos on Rumble or on my website about Trump, SHOULD (if they are being honest and only seeking the truth and not what they want to hear) expect Trump to answer some questions about his handling of the plandemic. Every conservative voter should be evaluating Trump right now. He's asking us once more for the job of holding the highest office in our country, and so it is our rightful place to thoroughly interview him for the job. We would be fools not to.

What concerns me is that many people are telling me that they know things about the thoughts and feelings Trump had during the plandemic which caused him to take the actions that he did. But I remember a time when conservatives used to make fun of those on the left whose sources of news were rooted in thoughts and feelings. We rightly called that fake news, because it is. But conservatives are now falling for a lot of fake news from propaganda videos. For example, many sent me a video from "SGAnon" that included information saying that it was kept secret from us that the vaccines did not stop infection from the virus. The people who were sharing that video with me believed that they could trust this "SGAnon" as a reliable source of information. But they shouldn't, because that story he was telling wasn't true. I knew it wasn't because I REMEMBERED history as it happened. There is a lot of propaganda out there that is rewriting history and retraining the brains of people into believing things which are not true. Yuval Noah Harari and other globalist technocrats warned us that we would be attacked and controlled in this way.

So what I have been seeing terrifies me. I'm not trying to attack Trump. Hell, he could very well have succumbed to the mass formation psychosis himself, given that these propaganda videos paint him as the hero and "he who must not be questioned." But people I know are believing things from sources that include things which I KNOW--and can prove--are not trustworthy. That video with the false information about vaccines that I mentioned also tried to mislead people into believing that it was scandalous and shocking for a reporter to have (they say) "slipped" and said that the virus was being developed as early as January 2020--as if that was something we could not have already known. But, as I show in this video [https://rumble.com/v272jd6-was-trumps-response-to-the-plandemic-justified.html] , we know that Trump himself said in February 2020 two things that I think he should now explain to us. One was that, in February 2020, Trump was saying what we know is true--that the virus was not a real threat and that people were not likely to die from it. The fatality rate was VERY low, and he said so back then. That's in stark contrast to what he says now--which is not true--that HIS vaccine (he insists that HE be credited for it and that it would not exist if not for him) saved millions and millions of people who would have died. If you are a person who wants the truth, you should have questions about that.

A truthseeker should also have questions about why Trump would have said that we were "very close to a vaccine" in February 2020--months before the announcement of Operation Warp Speed. Why did we need to dump BILLIONS of dollars of government funding (that money is taken from us and from future generations) to line the pockets of vaccine manufacturers for the purpose of saving us all from a virus with a very low fatality rate. More people died in 2020 from heart disease and cancer than from COVID-19. And despite whatever lies Trump may have been told, we know that he did once see with clear eyes--the video from February 2020 shows that. So rational thinking people would be wise to ask Trump for the truth about why he did the things he did.

 Conservatives should be worried about what conservatives have become, for many have turned into exactly what they used to claim to hate. Many label me a “Trump hater” simply for raising these kinds of questions. And I had someone yesterday refuse to watch a video I shared of Trump saying that he received the booster. That person told me that he didn't need to see the video because he knew that Trump would never take the booster. So even when the truth is made available to people for them to see with their very own eyes, they--even conservatives now--are either refusing to look or they are (as we used to make fun of liberals for doing) refusing to believe the truth that is right there in front of them. (Remember all the quips about "lying eyes?" Well, now a lot of conservatives have "lying eyes.") I am trying to point people to the truth.

We don’t just have an election integrity problem. We have an integrity problem. Many don't even care that Trump is still lying to us about the plandemic. And many want to be able to criticize the vaccine, but then to also turn a blind eye to Trump's involvement in it. Excuses are being made for his dishonesty. Many of those dangerous narratives even condition people to accept that it is perfectly okay for Trump to have championed the vaccines that are killing people because he "had to" in order to catch the bad guys. Well, with that kind of logic, we might as well be putting women and children in positions to be raped so that we can draw out and prosecute rapists and pedophiles. No one would think that such a thing would be ethical, and yet many do accept such tactics when they think that Trump is engaged in such a scheme. And God knows I hope he is not! He's made some horrible mistakes that he needs answer for, but I have always given him more credit than to be that kind of a monster. But if such narratives are true, then Trump should be prosecuted, not praised. And the kind of government that those videos have fooled conservatives into championing is globalism. It is the furthest thing there could be from Making America Great Again.  

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