I also have been accused of "ranting" for saying the exact same thing. Gutfeld is right. Elections don't work.


What has been taken from us is NEVER going to be given back. What's worse is that, while it might be said that the November 2020 election was stolen from us, I think it can also be said that the 2022 primary and general elections were surrendered. The fraud that occurred in those elections that followed the November 2020 election was due to our failure to have arrested the fraud BEFORE the next elections (the 2022 primary elections) ever took place. Even the most prominent voices on election integrity concerns in our nation looked right past the primary. Perhaps it was because people don't really pay attention to primaries and so the real fundraising opportunities weren't going to kick in until we were gearing up for the general midterm elections. I know that it wasn't until AFTER the primary elections that my email inbox began to fill up with requests for donations from all of the prominent groups fighting for election integrity. 

But it was too late then. 

We had already shown them what we would accept. We moved on from the November 2020 election without MEANINGFUL action. Sure, we bitched and we whined that our elections aren't fair. But no one was willing to FIGHT. Gutfeld is right. It's gonna take a fight. And the place where we should have started was to have nailed to the wall the balls of every elected REPUBLICAN who surrendered our country to tyrants following the November 2020 election. We should have demanded than none of them EVER refer to Biden as president without an investigation into the unprecedented and widespread sworn testimonies of eyewitness accounts of wrongdoing in how our elections were conducted. We should have kept the feet of REPUBLICANS to the fire if we were sincere in wanting real and MEANINGFUL change. 

But we didn't. 

Elected politicians and those who hold power in political circles (campaign managers, party leadership, so-called "grassroots" groups, etc.) refused to allow those within their own party to be held to account. Tribal party politics demands that you genuflect and show your loyalty to politicians and to party. The party doesn't serve you. YOU serve it. This is the message that I tried to impart when I ran for office. What many seem to fail to understand is that the ONLY way to receive representation is to hold to account those ON OUR SIDE who were elected on promises to represent us. 

If you are a conservative, then it is NOT Democrats you should be yelling at to represent you or to fix things on your behalf. And yet, over and over again, that is what we do. We might as well be screaming at the sky. Meanwhile, when we busy ourselves with fist-waving and sharing of memes about how much we hate those "Dumbocrats" or "DemoRATS" (or whatever other name for those on the left that we think makes us sound clever), our elected Republicans--those who were elected on promises to protect and defend our conservative values--are getting off scot-free. Hell, we often even give them a fraternal high-five or a pat on the back when they join in with the sharing of memes and the complaints about "what really needs to be done." Ah, yes, "somebody" should do something. THEY should! Our elected officials should do the jobs that they were elected to do. It is not our job to fraternize with them or to cheer them on as members of "our team" in the bloodsport of politics. It is our job to hold them to account. and in that we have failed.  

People are not at all prepared for what is likely to follow the 2024 elections. We are still operating under the delusional mindset that "we have to win back" control of our government at the ballot box. As if we possibly could! Do people really not realize that our position is actually far WORSE now than it was in November 2020? Or in the 2022 midterms? Or in the 2022 general election? (See? They just keep doing it and people continue to be surprised by it every time.) Regardless of who we are told "wins" in 2024, there will be unrest. And even if YOUR chosen candidate is declared the "winner," if we believe that the election process is not a secure one, then how will people trust that any outcome is a reflection of the will of the voters. 

If Trump were to "win" in 2024, it would be a meaningless and hollow victory. I will go even further and say that we would be foolish to rule out the possibility that those who are manipulating our national elections just might let Trump "win." Now, I'm not saying that they will; however, I think that with regard to strategy, there are worse moves that they could make. Gutfeld is right to point out that "only certain people" are given a pass, while others--like January 6 protestors--have actually been locked up. One thing that is often overlooked, however, is that--despite the numerous and endless witch hunts against Trump--none of them ever stick. We would be fools to think that the reason for that is because justice is being upheld. If we are honest, then we have to acknowledge that our corrupted system that has targeted, locked up, and framed many Americans for protesting on January 6, 2021, is the same corrupted system in which Trump is always allowed what seems like a narrow escape. The witch hunts against Trump have been used to play Americans in ways that are similar to how we have been repeatedly played by election fraud. In the case of election fraud, we foolishly expect that the broken system will still work on our behalf and that we can legitimately win--only to find ourselves clutching at pearls in surprised horror when the corrupt and insecure election process fails us yet again. And in the case of the repeated witch hunts against Trump, there are plenty of tells from the talking heads in the media (Alan Dershowitz, for example) that--if the law is followed--the attacks are baseless and bound to go nowhere. It seems to me that we should have learned by now that the attacks on Trump are all theater and that nothing is ever meant to stick. But it also seems to me that, at this point, we might also start asking the question of why it is that our government which has also wrongfully targeted J6ers and locked them up, has NOT done the same yet to Trump. It isn't as if they couldn't have.    


There is a general consensus among conservatives that our justice system is two-tiered. There is also a general consensus among many that our elections cannot be trusted. So how is it that we find ourselves continuing to believe that our justice system is serving us well in those instances when Trump is vindicated? What I mean is that I think it is foolish for us to think that such instances are any evidence that our justice system still works. I think we would be wise to ask the question of why it is that regular Americans have been targeted, framed, and incarcerated while Trump, whom we are supposed to believe is the greatest target, still walks free. Given that the outcomes delivered by both our corrupted justice system and our corrupted election process amount to nothing more than a crap shoot or the dropping of a Plinko chip, I think that we should be equally suspicious of the times that things turn in our favor. 

It's interesting to me that so many conservatives who believe themselves to be "awake" and "in the know" will speak of how those who are behind the decades-long transformation of our nation have patiently implemented a long-term plan of indoctrination; and yet most of those same people who will acknowledge such a strategic plan think that the attacks against Trump are the result of a panicked response and a fear of him. I don't believe that is necessarily the case. There is no evidence, other than Trump's own bluster, for why it is that any on the left should fear him. He held none of them to account when he had opportunities to do so. Despite his tough talk on the campaign trail, you'll find no instances of times in which Trump nailed anyone's balls to the wall when he could have done it. Fauci grinned like the cat that ate the canary as he led Trump around by the nose all throughout 2020. If you take all emotion out of it and look at the facts, the evidence just isn't there to support the mythical caricature of "Trump as hero" or "Trump as savior" that has taken a stronghold in our nation, largely due to the widespread dispersing of propaganda. Yesterday, as I was grocery shopping, as stranger who is a Trump supporter struck up a conversation with me when he complimented me on my "KENNEDY 2024" shirt. When I asked this gentleman why it is that he trusts Trump, his answer was to say that he was "inside Trump's head." It's a bizarre thing to say, and certainly amounts to no real or convincing argument as to why a person should support Trump; however, I have found that most Trump supporters I have spoken with give similar answers as to why it is that they trust Trump. They parrot the talking points of fictional narratives born from propaganda sources that claim to know the very inner workings of the mind of Trump. Those propaganda narratives are written and spoken of in videos from the perspective that one would have if it were possible to be "inside Trump's head." If we were more discerning, we would recognize those propaganda sources as the fictions that they are. 

Should we not at least consider the possibility that those who seek to destroy our nation from within and who have patiently followed a strategic path (complete with their own "Rules for Radicals") are implementing the witch hunts against Trump in order to maintain a certain level of control? Do you think that those who are in control of our corrupt uniparty government right now are so foolish as to not know that every attack launched at Trump only pushes people to support and sympathize with him? The policies of the left are stupid (and meant to disrupt), but those who have been behind the successful implementation of those policies are not stupid at all, and I think that they are surely aware of how the attacks against Trump can be used to manipulate conservatives. Trump is right when he says that he is the barrier between "us" and "them." If Trump were implementing a better strategy of his own, he would recognize how he is being used by the left and he would STOP being the barrier between us and them and let us have at them. The barrier of protection that Trump offers is to THEM, for as long as people remain loyal to Trump and to the propaganda folklore surrounding him, the people will remain passive and easy to control, content to pop their corn and enjoy the show, believing that this is all being handled for them and that they need not do anything but wait.    

I laugh when I hear Trump supporters claim that we are "winning." As Gutfeld points out, our justice system is two-tiered and our elections don't work. Not only do we hold a losing hand, but we know damn well that the other side cheats. And yet, we continue to play the same damn game, as if it were NOT rigged. I honestly wonder what it is that people think is going to happen following our next election. Time will tell.

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