I think the real reason Trump is avoiding the debate stage is because there are some very fair and legitimate questions that he doesn't want to have to answer. The fact that he thinks of himself as above having to stand alongside his competitors in a race where the outcome is not supposed to be determined by him, but by voters, is enough reason for me not to award him with my vote. In avoiding the debate stage, Trump seeks an unfair advantage. Sure, he's had to suffer attacks that other candidates have not. Doesn't matter. I don't actually believe that it will be the voters who determine the outcome of the 2024 election, but putting that aside and pretending (as we all seem to be doing) that the election still may deliver to us a legitimate winner, I think it is fair to assume that any conservative who might win the presidency would also be made a target. "Oh, but not like Trump," you say? Well, then, if you are one who truly believes that, then you are only making an argument for why voters should choose another candidate. Trump has been made a target of the left. That is a fact. But he has not proven to be the "wall" between "us" and "them" that he promised us he would be. And so there is no way I would ever consider voting for him again without first getting answers to questions such as those I share in the link down below. 

Unfortunately, attempts to manipulate the outcome of an election, while frowned upon and loudly criticized by many, are something which a lot of conservatives are willing to allow if it is to the benefit of their chosen candidate. It is one thing for a candidate to say the he (or she) is not going to attend a debate and to display such a sense of superiority and entitlement, not only above that of the other candidates, but also above that of the voters to whom any winner of the race is SUPPOSED to be answerable; however, it is another thing entirely when we have media that participates in the manipulation of elections by allowing their political biases to rule their reporting. 

There are no trustworthy sources of news anymore--and in that regard, the left has won for themselves a delicious victory. Conservatives have been eaten alive and consumed by having adopted for themselves the very tactics which they used to claim to abhor from liberals and those on the left. I can recall when conservatives used to be rightly critical of the heavy bias and fake news of mainstream media. The shame of it all is that conservative media--including the alternative conservative outlets who purport to be the ones telling you the truth--have themselves become that which they once claimed to hate. Conservative media has become as manipulative of the truth to support their own narratives (and to push their own favored candidates) as the mainstream media sources that they claim to be better than. But they're not. They really aren't. 

I can forgive a certain amount of bias in reporting, for I think that it is almost possible to avoid it. What I cannot forgive is the cover-up that so many in conservative media are engaging in when they are shielding Trump from being made to provide us with answers that we do, in fact, deserve to hear directly from him. True journalists and reporters of the news would not fail to ask Trump--a man who is asking to preside over our nation once more--to speak to us about why he made the decisions he did throughout the plandemic attack on our nation in 2020. The attack on our nation using the COVID-19 virus has been the single most consequential event to have taken place in our nation in my entire lifetime. Many fault only Biden and Democrats for us being in such a state of decline right now, but those people are not being honest. Our media is not being honest. And no one is asking the self-proclaimed "father of the vaccine" the kinds of questions which are necessary to prevent us from making the same mistakes again. 

The first step to ridding oneself of a problem is to honestly and accurately identify the problem; yet, it seems that, as a nation, we have fallen prey to multiple mass formation psychoses which cause us to (as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn might say) "live by lies." And the lies which we are living by are often contradictory ones that are in conflict. It is any wonder that our nation is now in such a state of chaos and confusion? We call for election integrity, and yet we seek to protect "our own" candidate(s) from being made to be answerable to us. We call for honest media, and yet we permit our chosen sources of information to manipulate as WE see fit to allow. We call for a deeply rooted, two-tiered system of Justice in our nation to be reformed, and yet we foolishly sabotage ourselves by establishing our own two-tiered system of only wishing to hold to account those on THE OTHER SIDE of the aisle—never those whom we view as being on OUR TEAM. Allegiance and loyalty to tribal party politics is killing our nation, and instead of seeking to rid ourselves of the burden of it, we have embraced the blood sport. Many cheer on Trump and his calls for “loyalty”--not to country, but to HIM—even as he refers as the other candidates in the race as “pretenders to the throne.” (“The throne?!”)

Justice will never be restored as long as we continue to embrace such a self-imposed, two-tiered system. We cannot be a nation under God without accountability. A rejection of accountability is a rejection of God. Trump has proven himself to be a man who, though quick to point the finger of blame at others, is NOT willing to subject to any accountability himself. This isn’t about blaming Trump, though. The fault for where we are right now is our own. We get what we accept. And we who provide cover for those who would seek to avoid accountability are also participants in a rejection of God. Such a man as Trump can never lead our nation back to God, and we ourselves are not seeking such a return (despite what we may claim) when we, too, are active participants in seeking to protect Trump (or anyone else) from being made answerable.    

In his softball interview with Tucker Carlson, Trump stated, “Do I sit there for an hour or two hours, whatever it’s going to be, and get harassed by people that shouldn’t even be running for president? Should I be doing that at a network that isn’t particularly friendly to me?” Well, yes. The answer to those questions is a resounding YES! While it is certainly true that Trump has been made a political target, the fact of the matter is that the debate stage is an opportunity for voters to assess which of the candidates has the "stuff" to not only withstand, but to face head on, unfair and inevitable political challenges. If Trump cannot find it in himself to handle "an hour or two" of questioning that he complains would be unfair to him, then I think that we may rightly presume that he has been worn down by the witch hunts and that he is not up to the task of taking on the many injustices faced by our nation which would inevitably continue to test him far beyond the duration of "an hour or two."

Trump needs to respect Americans enough to permit them a side-by-side comparison, live and in-person, on a debate stage. That is exactly what his own campaign called for when Biden was seeking to avoid debating Trump leading up to the 2020 election. If he is the fighter for us that he claims to be, then the debate stage offers him the opportunity to display both his courage and his capability. His avoidance of the challenge should offer you no assurances.

Below are some of the questions that I think it's important for Trump to answer. 


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