So I watched a recording of the second Republican presidential debate and, unless I missed it, I didn't catch any discussion at all of the plandemic attack on our nation that took place in 2020. People are pretending that all of that is behind us and no one wants to honestly discuss what happened. I think the silence is, in large part, one of the greatest coverups our nation has ever seen, because it sure seems to me that much of the refusal to allow any honest discussion of what took place in 2020 would require far too many people to admit that they were duped. The embarrassment of having to acknowledge that our nation chose "the nuclear option" in responding to a virus with a fatality rate of less than half of one percent seems to be more than most are willing to accept. And the acknowledgement that we went along with something that is reportedly continuing to result in casualties is a truth that we, as a nation, simply do not wish to face. 

While I don't think it's right, it is understandable why Trump, who has adopted the self-serving tactics often displayed by politicians, would seek to avoid debate. I think he doesn't want to have to risk having to have to answer for his self-proclaimed prominent role in the warp-speed production of the COVID-19 vaccines, which Trump once used to call "that beautiful shot." But if that is the reason that Trump is avoiding debate, is it a rational one? It seems to me that there are far more people willing to join him in the silence and the coverup of the shame of 2020 than there are those who are seeking answers to why it is that our nation responded as we did. If we were being honest, we would acknowledge that, despite any prosperity and "greatness" that might have been restored to our nation during Trump's first three years in office, it was in Trump's last year in office that the undoing of all of that good began, and it was in 2020 that the massive downward spiral began.  

What the hell are we doing, folks? We appear to have learned nothing from our past mistakes. It is understandable that people were driven to irrational responses out of fear in 2020. Fear is a powerful motivator and the events of 2020 proved just how easy it is to get an entire nation of people to abandon that which could be proven to be true or false and to instead adopt advice from "experts" (and the elected officials who followed their guidance) as their new--and very fluid--"normal." People tell me that I should "move on" from my concerns about our nation's botched response to the plandemic attack of 2020, and that we are "over it." It is wishful thinking to believe that we can just pretend that none of this ever happened. We have become like a family who pretends that if we all agree not to speak about our "dirty laundry," then perhaps no one else will either. But does it serve us well to do so? I don't believe that it does.

I believe that the root cause of our nation's decline has been our turning away from God. We cannot be a nation under God without accountability. We cry out that accountability is what we want, but the truth is that many of us are contributing to the "two-tiered" systems that exist when we wish to choose for ourselves who must answer to us and who it is we will protect from answerability. Many don't want Trump to be made to provide us with answers for why he made the decisions he did in 2020--many of which are reportedly continuing to result in harm and death. And I think the reason for the participation in such a coverup and defense of Trump is that we, as a nation, don't want to have to admit that it wasn't just Trump that was "duped" (as many Trump supporters say that he was). Yes, Trump was at the helm as the person who presided over our nation and who set the tone and modeled what our nation's plandemic response would be; but to hold Trump to account for having been "duped" would mean that, as a nation, we would have to admit that the majority of the people in our country were duped as well. The great irony of it all is that Trump supporters DO try to defend Trump by arguing that he was "duped," "fooled," "bamboozled," or "tricked" by Fauci and other bad actors. And that may very well may be the case. We simply do not know why it is that Trump made the decisions that he did in 2020--and we don't know that because he is avoiding speaking to the issue. The shame of having been "duped" pales in comparison to the shame that history will record as being brought upon our nation right now as we participate in a deliberate coverup of our mistakes. Daily reports, like the one from The Epoch Times linked to below, indicate that millions upon millions of deaths are being attributed to the experimental vaccines that were brought into production due to the funding received from Trump's Operation Warp Speed. Millions of people are reportedly dying from a shot that Trump once claimed that we owe all of our thanks to HIM for, and yet there has been no discussion of this at the forefront of the 2024 presidential campaign--even as Trump himself is once more asking to preside over our nation. Are we stupid? Because all common sense and reason would suggest to me that we have not learned any lessons from our mistakes at all.  

I'll say it again--we cannot be "one nation, under God, indivisible; with liberty and justice for all" without ACCOUNTABILITY. If we are sincere in hoping to restore justice to our nation, then our pursuit should be one that relies upon faith and not upon fear. We MUST be willing to insist that ALL be made to answer for why we are where we are right now--and in doing so, we must include ourselves and our own part in it. Deaths from the COVID-19 vaccines continue to be reported daily. The COVID-19 shots continue to be pushed on children, and children continue to be sought by drug manufacturers to participate in COVID-19 vaccine studies. And yet, during the debate, not a word of these things going on was uttered. The dangers of fentanyl were addressed during the debate, and the finger of blame was pointed largely at the left for having opened the door to such drug trafficking by failing to secure our borders; but no mention was made of the doors that have been opened to Big Pharma by our very own government (on Trump's watch and with our own government funding). Where harms have been caused, justice should be pursued. Continuing to participate in the tribal party politics of only seeking accountability from "the other side" is what keeps us divided and from being a nation that is united under God, with liberty and justice for all. 

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wisely advised, we should seek to "live not by lies." And, as the saying goes, "the truth will set you free." Freedom is never to be found in lies and in coverups of the truth. The choice is ours as to what it is we will seek, and I believe we are in a perilous place right now in that so many in our nation--to include our most conservative elected officials (and candidates) and our most conservative media outlets--are participating in the attempt to sweep the shame of the past under the rug. Just as I believe that God will lift up a nation that turns to him, I also believe that God allows us to suffer the consequences of our free will choices. I don't believe that championing a man like Trump, who is quick to point the finger of blame at others while casting off all responsibility of his own, is a "winning" path for us to take. A man who will admit no fault of his own is a poor model for our nation to praise and lift up--and, yet, that is exactly what many conservatives are doing. I do not believe that following such a path is one that will ever lead our nation back to God. Judgement will come, and we all will one day be made to answer for the path that we set our own feet upon. It appears that my chosen path may be the one less traveled, but it is one from which I will not veer, for I very much fear where it is that the other path leads. 

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